By Anonymous (not verified), 4 July, 2012
Michael Slate


Dr. Christian Head is an award winning and highly respected surgeon Department of Head and Neck Surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Head helped found the Johnson Cancer Center Tumor Lab and was a highly regarded surgeon. Dr. Head stood out at UCLA for another reason - he is Black and because of that he has lived under a relentless barrage of racist insults including a slide show developed for a Residents' Roast which featured Dr. Head' s head photoshopped on to the body of a gorilla and being sodomized by his white boss. When Dr. Head complained he was told to "get over it" and when he didn't the retaliation went into overdrive.

In part 2 of the series "Getting Down to BAsics with the People of Sanford, Florida" - the town where Trayvon Martin was killed back in February - residents of the Black neighborhood of Goldsboro talk about their lives and thought about the world and how to change it.