anti-racist camp update: confrontation/radioActive sanDiego 7/16

By Anonymous (not verified), 17 July, 2005
queer-j brad

Anti-racist demonstrators confront racist border vigilantes nose-to-nose, including Chris Simcox (co-founder Arizona Minutemen), shouting RACISTS GO HOME.

After packing up camp because of a brush fire across the border, anti-racist demonstrators regrouped in the town of Campo, where they consensed to confronting the border vigilantes, who had gathered at the Campo VFW. Chanting 'Racists Go Home!' about 100 demonstrators confronted about 10 vigilantes, including Chris Simcox (co-founder of Arizona Minutemen). James Chase was also reportedly at the VFW. These confrontations included tense nose-to-nose standoffs. At last report, the racist vigilantes had retreated to the VFW, sheriffs were securing the site and demonstrators were backing off.

Telephone reports from Lotus (17:30 - 1 min 50 sec) and Onto (17:45 - 8 min 30 sec).