By Anonymous (not verified), 25 July, 2012
Michael Slate

"Ethnic Cleansing and Resistance in Palestine"

Salman Abu Sitta, Founder & Director of the Palestine Land Society
and the general coordinator of al-Awda the Palestinian Right of
Return Coalition, discusses the theft of Palestine and the genocidal
attempt to erase the Palestinian people from the face of the earth as the
longest continual Ethnic Cleansing in history.

Guy Davidi and Emad Burnat, filmmakers, co-directors of "5 Broken
Cameras," discuss the Palestinian resistance to this ethnic
cleansing. Their film "5 Broken Cameras" won the World Cinema
Directing Award at Sundance this year. This powerful documentary
tells the story Palestinian resistance to brutal oppression by
following a Palestinian villager who films the struggle of the people in
his village against the Israeli army on a series of cameras. Nodal points
in the struggle and the film are marked by the Israeli army smashing each
camera. The film begins with his first camera recording the birth of his
son...Each of the five cameras tells its own story before it is destroyed.