By Anonymous (not verified), 19 September, 2012
Michael Slate


Whether the US Elections or Imperialism vs Iran, It's Not the Lesser of Two Evils - They're Both Evil and Outmoded!

Bob Avakian, Chairman of Revolutionary Communist Party: In an excerpt from his talk "Communism and Jeffersonian Democracy" Avakian discusses what does - and does not - happen through elections...and what is - and is not - meaningful political activity.

Vazir Fathi, Writer and Former Iranian Political Prisoner, discusses his ten years as a political prisoner - from 1983 to 1993 - in the torture chambers of the Islamic Fundamentalist regime in Iran. Fathi gives a first hand account of the torture and execution of many thousands of Iranian Revolutionaries in the early 1980s and 1988 as well as their inspiring refusal to sell out to the regime.

Larry Everest, author and journalist with Revolution Newspaper, describes what he found in Iran just after the overthrow -- a wild revolutionary scene -- and the later consolidation of a fascist Islamic fundamentalist regime. Everest also talks about the need for people to support modern day revolutionaries trying to bring forward a new revolutionary agenda in opposition to the US imperialists and the Islamic regime.