Another Grand Jury resistor jailed, more property damage punitive strikes result

By Anonymous (not verified), 15 October, 2012
WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM in DC


On the 11th of October, a third activist, Leah-Lynn Plante, was sent to jail for refusing to talk to a Seattle grand jury supposedly investigation Occupy protests on Mayday. In other words, three people are now being held indefinately in jail for refusing to snitch on Occupy activists and Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest.

The grand jury's act of sending a third activist to jail has unleased another wave of punitive retaliation by anarchists across the entire continent.

In Wisconsin, on the 12th of October, two ATMs were smashed in retaliation for the grand jury fishing expedition and the jailings. This communique was then posted:


We attacked two ATMs early this morning in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin, in addition to dropping two banners in two different cities. Our reason for choosing ATMs is because we don't like them. The banners read, "We Will Not Forget Derek Williams. /A.C.A.B." and "Release the PNW Grand Jury Resistors.
Stay Strong Comrades."

The reason for this action could be one of a thousand. But, we did this specifically to express our rage against the Milwaukee PD murdering Derek Williams and the kidnapping of our PNW comrades. Certain things in our minds cannot be forgiven and lines must be drawn.

Lets keep it coming."

In Portland, Oregon, on the evening of October 11th, the same day Leah-Lynn Plante was sent to jail for refusing to snitch, a protest march smashed windows at a Wells Fargo Bank, a JP Morgan Chase bank, aand a U.S. Bank. A Walgreens also received a smashed window. The cops were unable to arrest any of the marchers, and this is part of a statement later posted to

The Judge, the Feds, and the State know all too well that Matt, KteeO, and Leah will continue to resist their coercion. These ignorant state officials somehow live in a fantasy land where radical solidarity doesn't exist...

Four banks along the path of our march were smashed, including rocks through multiple windows at an Umpqua Bank, a large metal chair through a Wells Fargo window, and rocks through a Chase and finally a U.S. Bank.

The statement ends with the words

"SMASH ALL PRISONS & BANKS, TOPPLE THE STATE! Solidarity to all in prison and especially those queers, because we queers DESTROY with the fierceness!


In Vancouver, Canada, on the 13th of October, yet another group smashed nearly all windows of an upscale restaurant, releasing this communique:

"A yuppy restaurant was attacked with nearly all of their windows smashed to oblivion. Three days later the windows have not been fixed. Anti-Gentrification Front (AGF) will continue our campagin against gentrification, capitalism and our solidairity will be amped the fuck up.

Go go Vancouver smashy smash. Dont stop now. The rain has started coming down and soon will all yuppie windows."

And now here's something from WSQT:

To all you jerks in the Grand Jury and the US Attorney's office, keep it up. The more people you jail for refusing to snitch, the harder your masters will be hit as their comrades rain down punitive strikes from coast to coast!