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By Anonymous (not verified), 21 May, 2013
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This Way Out #1,312 Program Rundown:
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SEGMENT #1 – "NewsWrap": The annual International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) is observed on May 17th by the United Nations [with brief comments by U.N. HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSIONER NAVI PILLAY and SECRETARY GENERAL BAN KI-MOON], and in a variety of events across Asia, but police shut down an IDAHOT march in Nairobi and a rally on the same day in St. Petersburg, while several people are injured as religious extremists violently attack an IDAHOT rally in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, and anti-gay demonstrators in Kiev succeed in getting a proposed bill in the Ukrainian parliament to ban sexual orientation-based workplace bias shelved indefinitely; according to a largest-of-its-kind survey by the European Union's Fundamental Rights Agency, virtually one in two LGBT people on the continent have been discriminated against or attacked during the last year for being who they are; a young Russian man is brutally tortured and murdered in Volgograd after reportedly coming out to two of his drinking buddies, although one news source says his parents claim that he wasn't gay; a near-unanimous ruling by Brazil's National Council of Justice virtually opens civil marriage to same-gender couples in Latin America's largest country, while President Francois Hollande signs legislation to open civil marriage and extend adoption rights to French same-gender couples the day after a ruling by the nation's highest court clears the way, and Governor Mark Dayton's signature officially makes Minnesota the 12th U.S. state with marriage equality; Italy's new Prime Minister Enrico Letta quashes a proposal by his own Equality Minister Josefa Idem to create some form of legal recognition for lesbian and gay couples, but Italy's lower house of parliament extends health insurance coverage to its members' same-gender partners, and a court in Milan recognizes the British civil partnership of an Italian gay couple as a legal union (written by GREG GORDON, produced this week by WENZEL JONES & STEVE PRIDE, & reported by JASON PROCTOR & NATALIE PEOPLES) . 10:38

SEGMENT #2 – Billboard for Linda Harvey and Riley Roberts features [:11] + MINNESOTA voters defeated a proposed constitutional amendment last November to make marriage exclusively heterosexual, and barely six months later the state House of Representatives passed a bill to open civil marriage to same-gender couples. "This Way Out" correspondent DIXIE TREICHEL (from "Fresh Fruit" on KFAI-FM/Minneapolis-St. Paul) was at the Capitol in St. Paul on May 13th when the state Senate cast its final vote on the bill (with comments by "out" REPRESENTATIVE KAREN CLARK and SENATOR SCOTT DIBBLE, MINNEAPOLIS MAYOR R.T. RYBAK, and people outside and inside the chamber) [4:38] . . . . . . . . . 4:49

SEGMENT #3 – MSNBC news commentator RACHEL MADDOW tracks the history that led up to marriage equality in Minnesota . . . . . . . . . 3:52

SEGMENT #4 - "TWO" I.D. by human rights activist CLEVE JONES [:10] + While much of the U.S. seems to be on a steady roll into a future of equality, some segments of society are spinning in a counterclockwise direction. Based in the U.S. Midwest, MISSION: AMERICA has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Its president and founder LINDA HARVEY used her weekly radio show recently to spew an ignorant screed about the "dangers" to impressionable young people posed by online information about LGBT people (with brief intro music from "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by THE MONKEES) [2:58]. . . 3:08

SEGMENT #5 – Linda Harvey's sugarcoated hate speech and bizarre distortions fly in the face of the lived experience of real LGBT families. Stories like the one told by 18-year-old RILEY ROBERTS of RENO filled the hearing room when a NEVADA State Assembly committee heard testimony in support of marriage equality on May 9h (with brief intro/outro music from "Love Is All It Takes (To Make A Family)" by ROMANOVSKY & PHILLIPS). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3:52

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