This Way Out: "I Do" the movie + global LGBT news round-up

By Anonymous (not verified), 24 June, 2013
Overnight Productions (Inc.)

This Way Out #1,317 Program Rundown:
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SEGMENT #1 – "NewsWrap": Australia's Senate soundly rejects a proposal to recognize the legal marriages of same-gender couples performed overseas, and South Australia lawmakers are likely to reject a state marriage equality bill, while Russia's Duma bans adoptions by unmarried foreign same-gender couples, and a staggering fine could crush Coming Out St. Petersburg, the city's leading LGBT advocacy group; Pride parades peacefully in Ljubljana and Zagreb, while an anti-gay assault on Poland's only "out" legislator mars an otherwise pleasant Pride day in Warsaw; political turmoil in Turkey threatens Istanbul Pride, while activists in Sofia bow to official concerns about violence and cancel their march, but this year's 5th annual Shanghai Pride Festival – even without a parade – is "bigger and better" than ever; the Brazilian Congress' oxymoronically named Human Rights Committee votes to reinstate the definition of homosexuality as a treatable disorder or pathology, but one of the world's leading "cure through therapy and prayer" peddlers, the U.S.-based Exodus International, exits the industry; and the usual rightwing Christian group suspects sign a joint declaration vowing to defy any marriage equality-supportive ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court (written by GREG GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE; reported this week by PAMELA BROOKS and MICHAEL ALLAN) . 10:35

SEGMENT #2 – "TWO" I.D. by acclaimed writer EDMUND WHITE [:33] + Every day, bi-national same-gender couples in the U.S. wait to see whether the courts or the Congress will intervene to keep their families from being torn apart by the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). At this pivotal moment, a new independent film dramatizes their plight. "This Way Out's" VASH BODDIE chats with director GLENN GAYLORD and writer/star DAVID W. ROSS about their well-received movie "I DO" (produced by STEVE PRIDE, with a scene from the film featuring Ross, JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER, ALICIA WITT, & JESSICA TYLER BROWN, and intro/outro music from "You Don't Question Love" by TOM GOSS [15:15]. . . . . . . . . . . . 15:48

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