"No Vacancy at Shelter in Place Hotels"

By Anonymous (not verified), 24 January, 2021
The Marys of Gay Shame


The Marys report on the formerly empty hotel rooms now housing previously homeless people in San Francisco. The city wants to close the "Shelter in Place"/S.I.P. hotels ASAP, but has promised to permanently house the current tenants at the hotels. Mary Crisis, who works inside one of the hotels, joins us. (The City's preferred term for people inside is "guests" - a weird term, given the extreme surveillance, lack of toilet paper, and no real plan for getting people into housing...at the same time as hundreds of thousands of condos sit empty throughout the Bay Area.)


“Mayor Breed Opts for Mass Indoor Camps” at Moscone Center, from Street Sheet

“MOMS4Housing Vs RealESnakkkes Fierce Mamaz Resist Devil-Opers for Thousands of us houseless mamaz”

“Postal Service Data Underscores Tech Exodus” in SF Weekly

KPIX CBS News “Coronavirus Update: San Francisco Paid $30,000 A Day For Empty Hotel Rooms During Pandemic”

James Baldwin interview from the documentary “Take This Hammer”

ABC 7 News Coverage of “Rainbow Rock”

“Shelter-in-Place Hotel Wind-Down Plan Lacks Adequate Data, Strategy on Race” in SF Public Press - https://www.sfpublicpress.org/shelter-in-place-hotel-wind-down-plan-lac…

A worker's letter to officials: “The lack of basic needs and supplies, funding, and staffing at the SIP hotel"

Recorded December 27, 2020. Transcripts and resources at gayshame.net/index.php/gay-shame-the-podcast/.