Artists face forced Eviction of STOP in Porto, the largest DIY Studio complex in Europe

By Anonymous (not verified), 31 July, 2023

Indy Media Portugal


For over 10 days, more than 500 musicians in Porto have been forcibly evicted from their workspace, by police and the city hall, with over 100 rehearsal rooms and workplaces closed down in the STOP Shopping Center, located in the city center, in what has been called the largest DIY Studio complex in Europe.

Outraged, they called for a demonstration attended by thousands of people, artists, and cultural agents in Porto and Lisbon, recognizing the importance of this community for Portuguese culture.

The peak season for concerts is during the summer, and most of these professionals need their workspace to prepare, store their materials, etc.

The mayor of Porto, who is also the city's cultural councilor, fails to understand the disruption it is causing in the lives of hundreds of workers and their families, as well as in the cultural activity of the community as a whole.

Porto has undergone significant changes in recent years under its political management, losing its identity and losing thousands of inhabitants due to the housing crisis. Furthermore, its administration is being investigated for real estate speculation activities and favoring economic interests.

Now, the countless number of creators and technicians who have passed through the STOP Shopping Center in the last decades join forces with these 500 musicians, and in unison with their neighborhood and city, they will not allow themselves to be turned into new victims of ambition and profit.



Porto, Portugal