FCC visits WSQT in DC, but we are now on-air in New Orleans!

By Anonymous (not verified), 15 September, 2005
WSQT Guerilla Radio

Two days ago, the FCC visited a location alleged to be the WSQT transmitter house. Like last time, we've removed the equipment to protect it from the Agents of Darkness. Meanwhile our 10W rig is on-air in New Orleans!

We've been broadcasting on 87.9 for eight months, ever since we were driven out of a previous location and 1680 AM by the FCC. We will soon return again.

Meanwhile, the 10 watt rig we sent to New Orleans is now ON THE AIR! This rig was sent to new Orleans with the express purpose of breaking FEMA's control over broadcasting in Occupied New Orleans.

We will soon install it in a new location and go back on the air.

Apparently someone at FEMA(the signal reached their headquarters with ease) or some other such agency didn't like what we said on the air about the racist response to Katrina, about "occupied New Orleans"about Blackwater, and so on.

FUCK YOU FCC-if you did your job of ensuring diversity on the airwaves we would not even NEED to do a 55 watt station, as multi-KW licensed stations would be doing the same job. Go to hell FCC, and take your Clear-Channel and FEMA friends with you...

This is not the first attack on WSQT, nor do we expect it to be the last. Like all good guerillas or insurgents, we will keep moving and we will soon be back. We stand in solidarity with all holdouts in Occupied New Orleans and all places under occupation!