Seeing Red Radio: NATO Murders Afghan Farmers, Israel's Most Right-Wing Government Ever, Military Rabbis Urge Genocide and Joe the Plumber Returns 3/26/09

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Seeing Red Radio

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NATO Forces slaughter Afghan farmers; nothing confirms your Taliban affiliation like a NATO bullet in your head. Labor joins Likud in the Israeli Knesset, forming the most right-wing government from the broadest political spectrum in Israel's short, violent history. Evidence mounts that the IDF's rabbinate urged soldiers to cleanse the Holy Land of non-Jews, contradicting Israel's claim that every effort was made to prevent civilian causalities during Operation Cast Lead, the recent, horrific, collective assault on the Palestinian people of Gaza. International Mining Companies notoriously cheat poor African countries out of tax revenues. Despite "Change We Can Believe In", the FBI Director wants key provisions of the Patriot Act to be renewed. Finally, The Republicans' new mascot, Joe the Plumber, becomes a spokesperson for one of the many corporate-sponsored anti-Employee Free Choice Act front groups.

Afghan Police Chief Says US Shot Farmers, US Says Were Militants
Labor joins Netanyahu Coalition as Evidence of War Crimes in Gaza Mounts
Some Israeli Soldiers Say Military Rabbis Cast the Offensive Against Hamas Rockets as a Fight to Expel non-Jews
Mining Firms 'Cheat Africa Out of Millions'
FBI Director Pushes to Renew PATRIOT Act Surveillance Powers
Real Plumbers For Employee Free Choice

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