Seeing Red Radio: The One-State Solution and the Truth behind the Employee Free Choice Act 5/21/09

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Seeing Red Radio

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The Two-State Solution is a non-starter with the Zionist regime of Netanyahu. On this edition of SRR we examine the proposal for a secular one-state that represents all of the people of historic Palestine. We also expose the heinous lies of pro-corporate opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act, including the glaring statistic that reveals the number of unfair labor practice filings with the National Labor Review Board against unions amounts to “only 42 cases of misconduct over seven decades—while there are nearly 30,000 unfair labor practices against workers by companies every year.” So much for “union intimidation”… We also commemorate the horrific end of the first acquisition of state power by the working class, the Paris Commune, when it was violently suppressed in 1871.

Return of the One-State Solution: The case for a single democratic secular state in historic Palestine by Phil Gasper
CBS 60 Minutes, Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution
Workers Face Increasing Abuse in Attempts to Form Unions by Seth Michaels

They’re Building a Wall & The Key – David Rovics
Cobracoustic – Cobra Skulls
There is Power in a Union – Utah Phillips
Let Them Eat War – Bad Religion
Return & Palestine – David Rovics
People Lead – Ben Harper
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Masters of War – Pearl Jam
After the Revolution – David Rovics

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