Korea IMC Struggle News #7 (June 30, 2009)

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Struggle News #7, June 30, 2009

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Struggle News is Korea Indymedia's tuesday program of Media Redevelopment Action Radio, a radio project of the Candle Light Media Center in Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea. We report the news about radical/progressive social movements in Korea. Anyone is invited to join us as a guest, help report news and engage in discussion. Just come to the Candle Light Media Center around 2pm on tuesday.

Last week

June 22, Mon - KCIA new policy to regard all people who advocate participation in demonstrations and protests as "pro-north korean" or engaging in "espionage" against the Republic of Korea.

June 22, Mon - Around 5:30am, members of right wing extremist organizations forcefully destroyed the memorial for former president Roh Mu-Hyun at the front gate of Duksoo Palace. About 80 right-wing extremists wearing black robes and military uniforms destroyed 8 tents and stole portraits of the former president. Volunteers at the memorial location said that there were dozens of riot police standing nearby, just watching the right wing extremists carry out the destruction. The Patriotic Mobile Troops of the National Action Campaign for Freedom and Democracy in Korea and the Korean Disabled Veterans Association for Agent Orange carried out the destruction. After that, they went to Seoul Station and had a demonstration against North Korea's nuclear tests.

June 23, Tues - Catholic bishop Kim Un-Hwe wrote a declaration about the Yongsan massacre.

June 23, Tues - An exhibition featuring artwork and performances about the Yongsan massacre was held in the "Culture Spot" in Ulsan. This event was held in solidarity with the on-going struggle taking place in Yongsan.

June 23, Tues - A construction company ordered thugs and workers to destroy a building, although no judicial decision has been made in order to legally authorize the demolition. While the illegal demolition was carried out, activists involved in the Yongsan sit-in struggle and the Candle Light Media Center had a protest and tried to stop the illegal demolition.

June 24, Wed - 3 members of the Pan-National Reunification Alliance were arrested and will be prosecuted for violating the National Security Law through visiting North Korea without reporting the visit to the KCIA.

June 24, Wed - The government Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced plans to screen a film entitled "Daehan News Plan for the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project," which will be screened in 52 theaters on 190 screens nationwide for one month, beginning on June 25, last Thursday. However, the government gave no information about which theaters will be screening the propaganda film.
Netizens have organized a boycott of theaters that screen the film, including Lotte Cinema and CGV multiplex theaters. Many of these netizens claim that screening films promoting government policies closely resembles propaganda polices of authoritarian dictatorships and fascist regimes.
From 1953 until 1994, for 41 years, the Republic of Korea screened cartoon films that were produced and sponsored by the government, intended to promote government policies. During these 41 years, the Republic of Korea government was ruled by a series of dictatorships, including two brutal military dictatorships from 1960 until 1988. According to a Korean blogger, the 2MB administration announced that "Daehan News" will return for a time period of 15 years.

June 24, Wed - Officials from the Yongsan District Office said that if the sit-in hunger strike tent maintained by catholic priests is not removed by Monday June 29, then the district office will impose a fine and coercively remove the sit-in tents.

June 25, Thurs (31:50) - Minimum wage was raised by about 8 cents.

June 25, Thurs (34:05) - Culture Association and 9 other organizations held a press conference at Duksu Palace.

June 25, Thurs (36:00) - The Candle Light anniversary demonstration (May 2nd) participants who climbed on the stage at the Hi Seoul Festival are being forced to pay huge reparations for so-called "damages." But these "damages" consist of "damaging the Hi Seoul Festival reputation" and loss of "potential" profits, not real material damages.

June 26, Fri (44:30) - The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology held an education conference in Sejongno. 88 professors who are affiliated with the Korea Teacher and Education Workerâs Union are currently under investigation by detectives and the Ministry intends to fire and suspend professors due to their issuing of "declarations of the current state of affairs" that criticized the incumbent administration and political conditions. The State Public Officials Act prohibits state workers to organize and requires "faithful execution of duties" and "obedience." The Korean Teachers and Education Worker's Union, from which 17,000 associates participated in writing declarations, will be issued warnings from the Ministry. The Ministry claims that the declarations also violate the Act on Establishment and Operation of Teacher's Unions, which prohibits "political activities."

June 28, Mon (46:40) - The Korean Teachers and Education Worker's Union announced that they will issue a second declaration and a letter of protest to the Blue House. The union expects 30 to 50 thousand teachers to participate in writing the second declaration.

Next (This too) week

June 30, Tues - The Seoul Regional Anarchist Network Meeting will be held at the Candle Light Media Center from 6pm.

July 4, Sat (49:15) - 2009 Sexual Minority Progress Forum - This forum is for human rights, democracy, solidarity for social change and the sexual minority movement, discussion and figuring out how the sexual minority struggle can play a role in the candle light demonstrations that have been going on for the last year.
The 1st forum is on the last 40 years history of sexual minorities' struggle and resistance against discrimination and oppression. This will be held on July 4, 3pm, at Hongik University. Nara from the Lesbian & Gay Human Rights Association will be giving the presentation. There will be no fee for participation. We will announce the next 2 forums later, since those will happen in August and September.

This week's Struggle News Question:

In Struggle News #6, we used background music while reporting. Does background music make the program more enjoyable or easier to listen to? Why? If not, why? Please explain your thoughts in comments and reviews, thanks.

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