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YouthSpeaksOut! on DRUGS- Education and Legalization

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Dan Roberts

INTRO for YSO! "Drugs- Education and Legalization" March 4, 2012
We have grown up in an area strongly influenced by psychoactive substances, commonly called “drugs.” Mendocino County has been a leading producer of marijuana for more than 30 years. It is also an epicenter for America’s “war on drugs.” Recently it has been in the forefront of attempts to legalize the production of medical marijuana, which is legal through dispensaries in California.

YouthSpeaksOut!: Oxycontin and Youth- April 2010

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Dan Roberts

Dear Radio Friend,
YouthSpeaksOut! is in its 12th year providing a monthly show produced with high school students in N California, Mendocino County. Today our topic was "Youth and Oxycontin." Please let me know if you rebroadcast it. 59 minutes.
¡FurthuR! Dan Roberts