Until All Are Free: Environmental political prisoners

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Miranda Gibson

This radio documentary covers the cases of environmental political prisoners Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, who are both serving sentences of around 20 years in prison in the US. We look at why these two are considered to be political prisoners and the movement of prisoner solidarity around the world. We explore the significance of these cases from a global perspective and talk about June 11th, the international day of solidarity with Eric and Marie.

The Michael Slate Show

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Michael Slate

“We Are All Still Trayvon Martin and the Fight to Remove the Bull's Eye from the Backs of Black and Latino Youth”

Following the footsteps of Trayvon Martin as he walked to his death at the hands of the vigilante "wanna be" cop, George Zimmerman.

Li Onesto, journalist, Revolution newspaper, analyzes the fierce counterassault on Trayvon Martin, even months after his murder, and how the system murdered him once with a gun and re-murdered him again
by assaulting his reputation and character, presenting him as a thug.


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Michael Slate

"Changing the World or Settling for the Lesser of Two Evils - If You Settle for the Lesser Evil It's Still Evil!"

Ray McGovern (author/activist); Dennis Trainor, Jr. (filmmaker); Bob Avakian (Chairman, Revolutionary Communist Party)

McGovern talks about his article "The Silence of the Drones" and the immorality and criminal nature of both the US drone warfare in Pakistan and elsewhere as well the implied complicity in the lack of mass opposition to this drone warfare.


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Michael Slate

Andy Worthington, Journalist, digs into the history of the Guantanamo torture chamber and the torture and abuse of political prisoners who remain caged at Guantanamo. Worthington reveals how the US imperialists have maneuvered to prevent the release of any prisoners, including those already cleared for release, and effectively prevent the closure of the prison.

Adesola Osakalumi, one of the two actors who portray the Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti in a play celebrating the revolutionary and butt shaking music and art of Fela.

Korea IMC Struggle Radio: June 2nd

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This is 2jaeng news on Media Redevelopment Action Radio.
The English half of our hour long report on events and social struggles underreported in the mainstream media. Issues for this show are:
Solidarity for Sex Workers
Ban on Protests
Roh Mu-hyun's Suicide and Funeral
Last Friday's Eviction
Conscientious Objector sent to prison
(stream is available at link below)

Planetary Biology and the Anti-Capitalist Revolution Chapter 1

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Ezra Niesen

This is the first of 20 chapters of my new audio book. A lot of scientists are saying now how glad they are that President Obama is going to make his political decisions based on evidence (they assume). I write all my books to show how the anti-globalization movement has all the evidence on its side, and to show activists how to prove it using books that are available through the public library.

The complete audio book can be downloaded from my website for free. I have other audio books for free download, free books in text, and books and CDs for sale.

#5 the June Show - New action packed edition from Riseup Radio

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Riseup! Radio crew

The most action packed show to date, here we move into June with an hour and a half of stuff that matters and music to tingle the senses. With the warmer weather moving in and the city coming alive again we tell those untold stories and showcast some of the best new acts and artists.

Listen: #5 the June Show