This Way Out: "Fruit Fly" in London + global LGBT news + more!

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Overnight Productions (Inc.)

What entertainer Leslie Jordan's mother doesn't want you to know; a Russian "Rainbow Minute" that definitely adds up; Uruguay prepares for marriage equality, a judge won't register a gay Paraguay couple's legal Argentine wedding, Gambia's President calls gays satanic, Nepal's Blue Diamonds are in the rough, civil unions spring from Arizona's "liberal oasis", more LGBT news from around the world; and "Everybody Has To Have A Mother".

This Way Out #1,306 Program Rundown:
Opening teases/theme music/intro continuity. . . . . . . . . . 1:09


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Michael Slate

Oscar Brown Jr. - singer, songwriter, poet, playwright - talks about his life, his music, his poetry and his politics from his start as one of the first Black radio hosts to the influence of Paul Robeson and his life as one of the premier songwriters and performers in the country.

OUTspoken Radio

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Donny Meacham

The day after Halloween we had Psychic/Medium Brough Perkins on the show.. We talked about what a psyhic is, and what it means to be a medium. He also gve us a little insight into our careers. Then we talked about one of Bekah & I's favorite show's "World of Jenks" on MTV. Then we talked about the upcoming Elections, and encouraging people to get out and vote.