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Michael Slate

We spend an hour talking with jazz musician, composer and poet, William Parker about his life, his music and his mission to foment revolution and change the world. Parker recently composed a musical accompaniment to "All Played Out," a spoken word piece from Bob Avakian, and Parker talks about what inspired him to do this.

A Critical Ear 2009-12-17

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Andrew Ó Baoill

We discuss some 'dear colleague' letters (dealing with Gaza) being circulated by US Representatives, we talk about the surge in Afghanistan, and upcoming Haitian elections. Note: Bob will be in Palestine from Dec 27, so we plan to bring coverage from there during his trip.

Shorter show than usual, weighing in at just over 22 minutes. Hope it might still be of use to some of you. Also - if you do make use of it, I'd appreciate being told (though notice isn't required for non-commercial broadcast use).

Planetary Biology and the Anti-Capitalist Revolution Chapter 1

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Ezra Niesen

This is the first of 20 chapters of my new audio book. A lot of scientists are saying now how glad they are that President Obama is going to make his political decisions based on evidence (they assume). I write all my books to show how the anti-globalization movement has all the evidence on its side, and to show activists how to prove it using books that are available through the public library.

The complete audio book can be downloaded from my website for free. I have other audio books for free download, free books in text, and books and CDs for sale.