War and Warfare


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Michael Slate

"Changing the World or Settling for the Lesser of Two Evils - If You Settle for the Lesser Evil It's Still Evil!"

Ray McGovern (author/activist); Dennis Trainor, Jr. (filmmaker); Bob Avakian (Chairman, Revolutionary Communist Party)

McGovern talks about his article "The Silence of the Drones" and the immorality and criminal nature of both the US drone warfare in Pakistan and elsewhere as well the implied complicity in the lack of mass opposition to this drone warfare.

The Michael Slate Show:The Pounding of War Drums Against Iran and the Challenge to Be Awake In A World That Encourages Sleeping

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Michael Slate

This week’s show features Larry Everest (journalist/author/Revolution Newspaper) and Raymond J. Barry (playwright/actor).

Everest continues his coverage of the growing threat of war against Iran by the US and Israel. Barry talks about his play "Awake in a World that Encourages Sleeping" inspired by the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" and the moral imperative we all come face to face with at some point in a world dominated by imperialism.