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Michael Slate

"Convicting the Innocent & Robo War in Gaza"
Brandon L. Garrett, author of "Convicting the Innocent: Where Criminal Prosecutions Go Wrong," and Professor at the University of Virginia Law School, talks about the cases of 250 people who were exonerated by DNA evidence after spending an average of 13 years in prison, including 17 who were on Death Row. Garrett reveals that these wrongful convictions were not exceptions but the result of practices that the courts rely on every day.

A Critical Ear 2009-12-17

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Andrew Ó Baoill

We discuss some 'dear colleague' letters (dealing with Gaza) being circulated by US Representatives, we talk about the surge in Afghanistan, and upcoming Haitian elections. Note: Bob will be in Palestine from Dec 27, so we plan to bring coverage from there during his trip.

Shorter show than usual, weighing in at just over 22 minutes. Hope it might still be of use to some of you. Also - if you do make use of it, I'd appreciate being told (though notice isn't required for non-commercial broadcast use).

Interview with Members of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

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What's Left, WMBR, Cambridge, MA

We try to break some mainstream media myths on the Israel's offensive in Gaza, by interviewing Nancy Murray, founder of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation, and Omar Badarr, Executive Director at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Massachusetts. For more information on both organizations, please visit:

Report on Protest in Boston at Israeli Consulate in Solidarity with Gaza

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Sofia Jarrin

Emotions ran high in Boston last night during a protest at the Israeli Consulate dealing with Israel's attacks on Gaza. Two groups, one in support of Gaza and one in support of Israel, were present in equal numbers and kept shouting or chanting their point of view across the street.