Transition Town

transition town Lewes - climate camp radio

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imc-ie dunk - climate camp radio 2008

As part of the recent climate camp UK we made this radio interview with Edwin Cambell about her experiences with the very successful transition town project in her town, Lewes. The recording was made at the front line that existed beside the police, and sometimes riot squad, she outlined the origins and successs of how their project has taken off and what their dreams are.
10.5 minute interview, MP3 format

Transition Town Kinsale

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BOLD collective

This audio recording was broadcast live on our BOLD internet radio and is a discussion with David Neavyn and Alan Clayton about the idea of transition towns and eco initiaves in the southern Irish town of Kinsale, half hour talk, nice interview, big shout out to Cathie for assisting so much.

BOLD journey is an island wide journey of discovery, experimentation and celebration, a near 2 week voyage around the island of ireland to meet groups, projects, communities, places that have had BOLD dreams of building a better world and done something about it.