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Michael Slate

“Gimme Some Truth: Obama and Torture, the National Epidemic of Police Brutality and Blowing the Whistle on Stop and Frisk”

Marjorie Cohn, author and Professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, examines the record of the Obama administration on Torture and concludes that the Obama regime has not only continued the Bush program, but taken it to whole new levels of barbarity. War crimes are being committed.

Dave Lindorff, journalist, talks about the national epidemic of police brutality and what's behind it.


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Michael Slate

"Imperial Strategy in Afghanistan & Prisoner Hunger Strike Against Torture in Pelican Bay SHU (Security Housing Unit)"

Larry Everest, Journalist, Revolution Newspaper and author of Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq & the US Global Agenda, talks about the strategy behind Obama's Afghanistan Speech and the implications for U.S. imperialism.

The Michael Slate Show

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Michael Slate

David Swanson,, argues that Obama is worse than Bush, and that doesn't bode well for the future. Obama has seized even more power for himself, has more wars going on, the highest military budget ever, continues and extends illegal imprisonment and torture -- and that's just what we know about.

Robert Parry, analyzes what's behind a situation where telling the truth is a crime inside the US - apparently you can get away with murder, rape and pillaging but not telling the truth.

It's the End of the World as We know it and I feel Fine! The Stimulator vs Alex Jones.

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Linda Rose

On this weeks show:
1. Food Fight
2. No Deal for the planet
3. Hacking civilization
4. Running on empty
5. Greek Pre-Lube
6. Anarchy in the UK
7. The Stimulator VS Alex Jones

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