Radio Curious: Dr. Jim Cole – Teaching Tolerance, Segment 1

3 weeks 6 days ago
Prejudices exist in almost every human context, but how do we overcome them and act without stereotypes? This program’s guest is Dr. Jim Cole, who lives in Ellingsburg, Washington and is a psychologist. We discussed diversity training – the process of becoming more aware of the prejudices we have. This program was originally broadcast in November of 1993, when Radio Curious was called Government, Politics and Ideas. Dr. Jim Cole recommends books by Jane Lovelock. Originally Broadcast: November 23, 1993
Radio Curious - Barry Vogel

Sea Change Radio: The Ramez Naam Plan For De-Carbonization, Pt. 1, Segment 1

3 weeks 6 days ago
Whether or not we use the name Green New Deal to describe a set of aggressive long-term policies that will help humanity in the fight against climate change, most rational people agree that the status quo is completely unacceptable. The potential of a Green New Deal is that it could pave the way for some great minds to devise concrete proposals for reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak with one of those great minds, Ramez Naam, a futurist and technologist who's crafted his own sort of Green New Deal. We delve into the nuts and bolts of Naam's proposal and the problems it's trying to solve, as he makes the case for why we may actually see bipartisan support for such a proposal.
Sea Change Radio

Taylor Report: Democratic Resistance Is Under Constant Threat in Rwanda, Segment 1

4 weeks ago
An assistant to Victoire Ingabire Umahoza was murdered in broad-daylight, and the authorities in Rwanda have reacted by charging the man who found the body. It is a sign of how oppressive conditions are in today's Rwanda. The question for Canadians should be: why is our government so close to Kagame? Why does it go out of its way to support a regime which even strikes at opponents abroad and, indeed, confesses to murdering a prominent one in 1998, Seth Sendeashonga?

The Joe and Anthony Show: Episode 177 - Sweet Ear Wax, Segment 1

4 weeks ago
Ezel and his bug knowledge, we all had the giggles, and a good round of crazy Joe News, Anthony Crazy Florida News and Joe tells about this awesome Memorial Day Story he found on facebook. Hey, come laugh with or at us, tune in to our live show every Monday night at 8pm eastern at DWOTS: previous word: Inability - today’s word: Crawl
The Joe and Anthony Show

This Way Out: Toilet Trouble+Cruise Culture+global LGBTQ news+more!, Segment 1

4 weeks ago
A trans teen faces trauma in the toilet; a guided tour takes us through the culture of “Cruising”; a romantic “Rainbow Minute” celebrates Walt Whitman’s 200th birthday; Brazil’s top court makes anti-queer bias a crime, gay sex remains outlawed in Kenya, a Tunisian appeals court rules that an LGBTQ rights group can exist, Taiwan witnesses the first same-gender marriages in Asia, and more LGBTQ news from around the world!
Lucia Chappelle

Latin Waves : InterviewsDavid Bacon Current Immigration under Trump, Segment 1

4 weeks ago
David Bacon is a photojournalist, author, political activist, and union organizer who has focused on labor issues, particularly those related to immigrant labor. He has written several books and numerous articles on the subject. His most recent book is In the Fields of the North / En los campos del norte: , David Bacon documents the experiences of some of the hardest-working and most disenfranchised laborers in the country: the farm workers who are responsible for making California Americas breadbasket. Combining haunting photographs with the voices of migrant farm workers. Host Sylvia Richardson speaks to David about how US foreign policies combined with regressive trade agreements have been responsible for displacing millions of people from countries like El Salvador, Haiti and Mexico, and how Trump is adding insult to injury by repealing the TPS Status (Temporary Protected Status) from people who have been living and contributing to American society for many decades. And how as citizens we must stand together and protect those most vulnerable despite who the president is.