Classics and Beyond: Classics and Beyond 1815, Segment 1

3 weeks 4 days ago
Segment One Gabriel Faure: Piano Trio in D Minor, Op. 120 I. Allegro ma non Troppo II. Andantino III. Allegro Vivo Andre Previn: Piano Feri Roth: Violin Joseph Schuster: Cello FLAC Album: Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 49/Faure: Piano Trio in D Minor, Op. 120 (Sony Classical) Segment Two Isang Yun: Sonata for Oboe, Harp and Viola Heinz Holliger: Oboe Ursula Hollger: Harp Hirofumi Fukai: Viola CD: Yun: Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra/Sonata for Oboe, Harp and Viola (Camerata)
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This Way Out: Down Under the Aisle!, Segment 1

3 weeks 4 days ago
On this week’s special program, Barry McKay’s “Australian Marriage Chronicles” begins in August, 2017 and charts the struggle for matrimonial equity through the final vote in the Australian Senate in November, with copious comments by top government officials, pundits, and leading campaigners, and lots of thematic music! [“NewsWrap” returns on the “This Way Out” program to be distributed January 7, 2019; Next week: Our coverage of arguably the biggest queer news story of 2018: the final repeal of India’s anti-queer “sodomy” law!]
Lucia Chappelle

This Week In Palestine: Israel’s unsuccessful machinations to legalize what is illegal under international law, Segment 1

3 weeks 4 days ago
Today we offer two presentations from the same forum, a conference sponsored by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. First we hear from Virginia Tilley, professor at Southern Illinois University, addressing the issue of the unpleasant smell of apartheid in every Israeli proposal of a "solution." They don't like the word, so they are trying to redefine it out of existence. Similarly, Palestinian attorney Noura Erakat weighs in on Israel’s machinations as it unsuccessfully tries to make what is illegal under international law, legal.
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Furious George Show: Trumpacolypse Now: Merry Chaos, Segment 1

3 weeks 5 days ago
HERE is the Happy Holidays Show with government shutdowns, convictions, markets crashing, Generals quitting, and snitches with stitches, with help from Mark Fiore, Cohen and Flynn crash and burn, Kimmel gets secondhand dementia from Rudy, Ralph Nader explains the last stages of a dying regime. and Jost and Che rip up tRump's current predicament.
Furious George

Tapes To Astonish: Walkuman Style #219 -Yulestrumentals 2018, Segment 1

3 weeks 6 days ago
(1.) Cosmi-X-Mas Beat - LëKaR (2.) Festive Feeling - Dominant (3.) With New Eyes - Erik Jackson (4.) Sofia Drift - Saiko (5.) Nujabes Christmas Party - Engelwood (6.) When It Sounded Like This - Loop.Holes (7.) Nightwalk - Maple Syrup (8.) E-chinacea - Ebbe Funk (9.) A Natural Thing - Jazz Jousters/Blue Buttonz (10.) Capuccino - Boukas ft. Odyssee (11.) blankets - fantompower (12.) Wonderful Life - Fris (13.) polarbear - mommy (14.) Global Warming - Smoke Trees. (15.) me and u in a winter day - cat paw (16.) Sticky Bandits - Jonwayne (17.) Slopes - Philanthrope x Yasper (18.) The Last Day Of School / Christmas Festival - Piglet (19.) On A Winter Night - Conative Clay
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