Bekah Tripp

By Anonymous (not verified), 27 November, 2010
LA Talk Radio

Wonderful Show Tonight!! First we had the Amazing Chely Wright on the show, to talk about her life and her new book: Like Me. She is such an inspiration, and I admire & respect her so much! Then straight out of Oprah's playbook: We had our own Favorite Thing episode, were we talked about a product that cracked us up when we saw it: Lovely Jublee's (which is a boob cream) that is manufactured by Lush Cosmetics. We also talked about the upcoming NKOTB & BSB concerts...

Check out our website to click on the link to buy Chely's Book:

By Anonymous (not verified), 5 November, 2010
Donny Meacham

The day after Halloween we had Psychic/Medium Brough Perkins on the show.. We talked about what a psyhic is, and what it means to be a medium. He also gve us a little insight into our careers. Then we talked about one of Bekah & I's favorite show's "World of Jenks" on MTV. Then we talked about the upcoming Elections, and encouraging people to get out and vote.