By Anonymous (not verified), 4 October, 2019


Ecoutez le meilleur de la musique des années 80's, sensuelle diffuse les plus belles chansons, voici le top 5 qu'on à sélectionnés pour vous.
- Sandy marton - exotic and Erotic
- Tears for Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love
- Patricia Kass - mon mec à moi
- supertramp - the logical song
- Diana Ross - up side down

By Anonymous (not verified), 29 November, 2008
Skidmark Bob

In the final weeks of the outgoing Bush administration I will be sharing some of the best mixes, mashups, audio collage, spoken word and music that was produced over the 8 years Bush stole office, hundreds of audio and video mixes were made as well as songs written about the 43rd and WORST president ever!

By Anonymous (not verified), 14 April, 2008

A "MegaMix" of 11 tracks (total runtime 34:38) from the album "Making Color Photocopies of Heaven's VIP Pass" by Spirit Incorporated, topics range from political prisoner solidarity, "productivity", environmental activism, and mass media to art, spirituality, and awareness. Free individual album tracks are available through www.sp1r1t1nc.com.