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By Anonymous (not verified), 9 July, 2009
Free Press

New FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wasted no time in moving the process of creating a national broadband plan to the top of his agenda. And the new criteria for broadband stimulus funding make Net Neutrality a basic rule of the road.

By Anonymous (not verified), 8 August, 2008
Andrew Ó Baoill & Robert Naiman

This week we focus almost exclusively on US energy policy.

Bob recently blogged about the topic on Huffington Post, where he framed his piece as a critique of Paris Hilton's energy policy - or rather the idea propagated in her (rather funny) video, as well as in much of the media, that off-shore drilling could 'fill the gap' until structural changes ('re-tooling Detroit') proposed by Obama come on stream. Critically, Bob cites US Energy Information Administration analysis, which CEPR summarizes thusly: