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Voices of the Community - Arts & Culture Series Episode 8: Citywide People’s Plan For Affordable Housing For Artists & Community

3 months 2 weeks ago
Learn about the Race & Equity in all Planning of San Francisco Coalition's grassroots plan to provide more affordable housing We're thrilled to present the latest installment in our special series, delving into the arts and culture sector's recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. In this eighth episode, we shine a spotlight on "REP-SF’s Citywide People’s Plan for Affordable Housing," a crucial initiative tackling one of our community's most pressing issues.
Voices of the Community

This Way Out - “Everything I Learned, I Learned In A Chinese Restaurant” + global LGBTQ news!

3 months 2 weeks ago
Serving up life lessons at a Detroit Chinese restaurant; Canada’s Security Agency warns of looming anti-queer violence, Russia’s riot police continue their hysterical reaction to alleged “LGBTQ propaganda”, Tennessee enacts marriage equality restrictions, Virginia’s marriage protections await the governor’s signature, Montana’s new anti-trans rules are as unconstitutional as the old ones, and Seattle bar raid protestors join Washington strippers in support of their rights, All that and more this week when you discover “This Way Out”, the world’s audio oasis for LGBTQ+ news and culture.
Lucia Chappelle

- Venessa Beeley Interview

3 months 2 weeks ago
Independent radio journalist and former BBC reporter, Tony Gosling interviews journalist Vanessa Beeley, daughter of a former UK Ambassador to Egypt, on who controls the Rafah border. Is Egypt building a new prison for Palestinians in Egyptian Rafah? Vanessa Beeley speaks about a Map from SINAI Foundation for Human Rights reportedly showing the work on an area to imprison Palestinians on the border with Gaza and the Occupied Territories " it is important to understand that under the Philadelphi Accords signed between Egypt and Israel in September 2005 " Egypt effectively handed over control of this territory to Israel which means potentially the prison would be under control of the Zionists. She provides the back story to the founders of Zionism and Western Imperialism which supports the Apartheid State in land designated by the U.N. for Palestine.
Dale Lehman/WZRD

WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service - WINGS #46-23 Structural Adjustment

3 months 2 weeks ago
Structural Adjustment is the name of an economic regime imposed mainly on less developed countries that enforces drastic cuts to public employment and services spending in exchange for international lending. It also mandates privatization and opening to foreign investment, and pushes the resulting hardships largely onto women and their families. Speakers are Jamaican radio journalist and host Barbara Gloudon, and the following economists: Peggy Antrobus from the Caribbean and Gita Sen from India, founding members of DAWN (an organization of economists from the global South); Elizabeth Lwanga-Okwenje, African Region Director, Oxfam America; Elaine Zuckerman, former employee of World Bank; and Alice Rivlin, Brookings Institution.
WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service

This Week In Palestine - Yanis Varoufakis and Joe Sacco share their impressions of Israel's criminal genocide of Gaza

3 months 2 weeks ago
Today we again provide some context to the horror evolving before our eyes in Gaza. By only listening to the Israeli narrative, which is reflected in our mainstream media, we are led to believe that this genocidal assault by Israel began on October 7th, triggered by,a so-called terrorist raid on Israel by Hamas. That narrative disregards several facts, among them that Palestine has been living under military occupation for 75 years. Hamas’ raid must be put in the context of the International right of Palestinians to resist that occupation, and resist the siege of Gaza and the apartheid being imposed on them. So, we begin with a European voice, that of Greek political leader and diplomat Yanis Varoufakis, who helps us understand the context for the Gaza Genocide. Varoufakis is a Greek economist and politician. Since 2018, he has been Secretary-General of Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25), a left-wing pan-European political party he co-founded in 2016. We hear him today in an excerpt of an interview conducted in the UK. Following that, our feature presentation today is a wonderful interview with journalist and cartoonist Joe Sacco, whose unique coverage of the occupation is legendary. We leave the formal introduction of Sacco to Chris Hedges, who conducted this interview.
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)

Walkuman Style - Walkuman Style #377

3 months 2 weeks ago
1. Heavyweight - Essa & Pitch 92 2. Breezin' - Evil Ed & BAD FX 3. Keep Bouncing - Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³ 4. Purple - Hus Kingpin 6. Hip Hop Saves Lives - Arrested Development ft. Grandmaster Caz and Chuck D 7. Strangers - Flavanoid ft. Es and Kool G. Rap 8. Iron Lung - Superstah Snuk 9. All Rise - Meet The Greens (Mad1ne & Blazy Green) ft. Phoenix (cuts by DJ Tekneek) 10. On Hood - DJ TLO ft. Propaganda and Shad 11. All The Words Useful - Mike Titan & Silent Someone ft. GeneralBackPain and Crotona P 12. Not Today - Rahim Samad 13. Theurgy - KLIM Beats 14. Translation - Backwood Sweetie & K!ng jvmes 15. Mysterious Ways - Metermaids ft. Jesse The Tree 16. Brooklyn Heights - Masta Ace & Marco Polo 17. Pressin' On - The Deli (Moka Only & Baptiste Hayden) 18. The Joy of Rapping - Dirty Needles & Reese Tanaka ft. DJ Glibstylez 19. Soul a la Mode - Marcus D & Cise Star ft. Pismo, Substanstial and ZANE 20. Cracks (Elaquent remix) - Somni 21. Breeze Please - Suff Daddy
Gamma Krush

Indigenous in Music with Larry K - Indigenous in Music with Larry K - Q052 in our Spotlight Interview (Rock Hip Hop) Hr 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K, this week we welcome back from Mig’ma Nation, Quebec. Q052 is in the house. He's been staying busy, he has 3 albums out, “ImagiNation,” the “Calm” and “The Storm.” Indigenous Rock Hip Hop at it’s best. You can read all about Q052 at https://www.indigenousinmusicandarts.org/past-shows/q052/ Enjoy music from Q052, David Strickland, JB the First Lady, Ana Tijoux, Carsen Gray, Samantha Crain, Rhonda Head, Aysanabee, Ray Zaragoza, Garret T. Willie, Indian City, Gina Loring, Beny Esguerra, VILDA, Soleil Launiere, Graeme Jonez, The Johnnys, Stevie Salas, Kevin Gutierrez, Melody McArthur, Marx Cassity, Tracy Bone, Mitchell Mikoons, Trent Agecoutay, Twin Flames, Centavrvs, Nancy Sanchez, Locos Por Juana, XAXO, B-Side Players, Dan L'initie, Def-i, Marie Font, Artson, Quese IMC, Supaman,Prolific The Rapper and much much more. Visit us on our home page to learn about us and our programs at www.indigenousinmusicandarts.org, check into our Two Buffalo Studios and our SAY Magazine Library to find out all about our Artists and Entrepreneurs.
Larry K

Class War Battlefield Podcast - Episode 2023.25.00. Renewable Energies and the Irony of Energy independence

3 months 2 weeks ago
Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2023.25.00. Renewable Energies and the Irony of Energy independence With Clips from Atlanta News First, BTNH Nation (Song 1), Nelson Lauren, Youtube Channel Named Speeches, PBSNewsHour, Mitchell NewsNetwork, The Economics Archives, Ken Pruitt, Health, Gangstabeat4theplaya (Song 2), Wikipedia Audio, The51Project, CriticalPast, NBC News, JoBlo Movie Clips, CBS News, Retro Man, 2GreenEnergy LLC, American Archive of Public, Stephaniexh, The Obama White House, The Majority Report, SciShow This is an episode at least 12 years in the making. Michael Moore’s, Capitalism, A Love Story; mentally prepared me to unpack what I had began noticing living life near to the bottom rung in this society. The same year I watched his movie, I watched “Wall Street” and began reading more heavily, books critical of or informative of Capitalism. Why did I do this, because for years I had questions about the glorious system I lived in, a system I had seen go through many iterations in my life, tearing apart my community as it did. Moore’s Movie (to return to my original point), introduced me to Jimmy Carter’s Crisis of Confidence Speech. It was a year before I listened to it in its entirety, almost immediately I understood its importance; but another year and a half would pass before I knew I wanted to create an episode about it. Honestly I figured I would use the speech as a standalone piece, reading it afterwards while commentating on it (have you listened to the first of my Article Reaction Series yet). Alas, no plan is perfect; this will have to do – and it does. I record this episode during the early months in 2023, hence the Episode numbering (not mistake was made). The Episode, as you might guess by the title; is more about renewable energies. The commentary I provide is more about these vital energy resources which is why I structured the clips the way I did, with the heavy emphasis towards the end on Solar Power. Among other topics, I speak about what Carters call for an energy Revolution actually sounded like to the money men who were running the energy sector at the time; and how his speech was more than the proverbial wake up call for a drug addict (the public was high on consumption), it WAS a wake-up call. And people ignored it. The Professional Left Podcast has recently introduced to me the idea that people of a certain age (let’s say in their 60s-80s) saw Obama as a problem because of his age; they are on to something. Carter was 52 when he assumed the presidency (not as young as Obama, but) look at who he was replaced with. For a country or nation, growing up means passing the torch from one generation to another; it means acknowledging new ideas and admitting the failures of shortcomings of the previous generations productive years while laying the groundwork for forthcoming years; many societies never prepare themselves for this. Hope you enjoy the episode. To Donate to CWB – (CashApp – $CWBPodcast) (Paypal – CWBPodcast); Give as little as $5 a month to help me continue to produce these regularly! Music Used in the opening, Curtis Mayfield’s Think, Brandy’s The Definition and Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues or Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me at vphiamer.adis.ogaarwa@outlook.com
Mahoka Mwako Asili Temple

- The Appalachian Sunday Morning with Danny Hensley

3 months 2 weeks ago
The Appalachian Sunday Morning is a two hour all Gospel Music Radio program with radio station & program host Danny Hensley. The program is recorded live each Sunday morning while being broadcast on 91.7 FM Community radio and streamed world wide on www.sbbradio.org and/or www.sbbradio.net This week we'll enjoy a variety of wonderful songs from Jimmy Howson, Turning Ground, Authentic Unlimited, Last Hour Bluegrass, Kentucky Just Us, Dave Adkins Trio, Charlsey Ethridge, The Caleb Daugherty Band, Casey Penn, Carley Arrowood and more. This program is uploaded to SoundCloud, RSS.com, radio4all, Podbean and iTunes to mention a few select sources for access to radio stations all across the globe.
Danny Hensley

- The Gospel Gold Old Tyme Radio Hour With Danny Hensley

3 months 2 weeks ago
The Gospel Gold Old Tyme Radio Hour is a weekly all Gospel music program with your Host - Danny Hensley. This week we'll feature songs to lift and inspire including songs from the new Inspirations album, Jimmy Howson, Caroline Owens, Carley Arrowood, Nick Dumas, Kentucky Just Us, Authentic Unlimited, Chris Davis, Donna Ulisse and more. You can hear this program four times each week on www.sbbradio.org or www.sbbradio.net and 91.7 FM Community Radio. Wednesdays at 2 AM, Fridays at 12 AM, Saturday mornings at 8 AM and and Sundays at 11 PM - all times Eastern. Join us at 91.7 FM Community Radio and streaming at live365 under Southern Branch Bluegrass and www.sbbradio.org and streaming with Voscast - Quick Link station.voscast.com/5c2bf0e47fbe8/
Danny Hensley
49 minutes 8 seconds ago
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