Indigenous in Music with Larry K: Indigenous in Music with Larry K - Leonard Sumner in our Spotlight Interview (Hip-Hop, Country, R&B) Hour 1, Segment 1

18 hours 18 minutes ago
Encore: Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K. This week Larry welcomes our guest from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Singer/songwriter and poet, he has just released his new album out “Thunderbird,” Leonard Sumner will be in the spotlight to tell us all about it. Leonard is featured in our latest issue of the SAY Magazine, read all about him on our homepage at Music from Leonard Sumner, STOiK, DJ Shub, Boogat, Brian Davey, Eagle & Hawk, Soda Stereo, Janel Munoa, Latin Vibe, Nathan Cunningham, Rellik, Burnstick, Manu Chao, Bluedog, Celeigh Cardinal, Stevie Salas, Technicolor Fabrics, 1915, tchutchu, QVLN, Joey Nowyuk, Shauit, Joy Harjo, Alan Syliboy & the Thundermaker, Desiree Dorion, Crystal Shawanda, Irv Lyons Jr., Sober Junkie, Sten Joddi Punkin' Lusty and much much more. Visit us on our music page at and our homepage at We have underwriting opportunities available. Indigenous in Music, a non-profit, section 501(c)(3).

This Week In Palestine: Zaha Hassen: From Israel-CentricTo A Rights-Based Approach, Segment 1

2 days 7 hours ago
This week we feature Zaha Hassan, who outlines how the Biden administration can break the Middle East peace impasse by adopting a rights-based -- rather than an Israel and its lobby based -- approach as the center of its strategy. Why has the current one-sided approach favoring Israel produced only serial failures? How would a rights-based approach transcend violence, dispossession, discrimination and occupation? What are the policy options? Why is a rights-based approach a far better look for the United States?
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)