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Global Research News Hour - Iraq Twenty Years after “Shock and Awe” Part two: The Mysterious Death of David Kelly

4 hours 19 minutes ago
This week, on the Global Research News Hour, we take a special look at the Dr. Kelly situation, with an individual partially responsible for bringing aspects of the suicide and the faulty behavior of the Lord Hutton inquiry to light in major media. His name if David Halpin who, together with a team of other physicians, are demanding a coroner’s inquest into Dr. Kelly’s death which he claims was not a suicide and was more likely a murder with the fingerprints of British government,individuals all over it. An extensive interview taking up the majority of the hour, Dr. Halpin explains the specifics of his doubts about the official story, and the reasons he thinks Kelly may have been murdered.

outFarpress Presents - The Shortwave Report 03/31/23

5 hours ago
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. France 24, Radio Havana Cuba, and NHK Japan.
Dan Roberts

Situation Fluxus - The Greenhouse Ensemble, Jeff Levenson

7 hours 38 minutes ago
A weekly one-hour program focused on jazz and improvised music, news, radio, conversations, and more. Tune in for new releases, news about the people, eco-systems, history, and culture of jazz and improvised music. Hosted by Cheryl K., host of "The Jazz Disturbance" every Sunday on WGXC-FM.
Wave Farm/WGXC 90.7-FM

All Things Cage - Cage's Interest in the "Circus" as a Compositional Strategy

7 hours 40 minutes ago
"All Things Cage" is a weekly program featuring conversations between Laura Kuhn, Director of the John Cage Trust, and Cage experts and enthusiasts from around the world. If youd like to propose a guest or a topic for a future program, write directly to Laura at lkuhn@johncage.org.Laura Kuhn presents the first recording of John Cages Europera 5, preceded by her reading Recollections of the Premiere Performance by Yvar Mikhashoff. This recording of Europera 5 was produced by Brian Brandt and released on the Mode Records label as Mode 36 in 1995, with performers Yvar Mikhashoff, Martha Herr, Gary Burgess, Jan Williams, and Don Metz. Europera 5 is the last and most diminutive of Cages operas " preceded by Europeras 1 & 2 (1984-1987) and Europeras 3 & 4 (1991) " and was instigated by pianist Yvar Mikashoffs desire for a small, more practical and portable, and more easily performed work in the series, which had its premiere in Buffalo at the North American New Musical Festival on April 12, 1991.
Wave Farm/WGXC 90.7-FM

The Radio Art Hour - Susan Stone, Tony Schwartz

7 hours 44 minutes ago
Welcome to "The Radio Art Hour," a show where art is not just on the radio, but is the radio. "The Radio Art Hour" draws from the Wave Farm Broadcast Radio Art Archive, an online resource that aims to identify, coalesce, and celebrate historical and contemporary international radio artworks made by artists around the world, created specifically for terrestrial AM/FM broadcast, whether it be via commercial, public, community, or independent transmission. Come on a journey with us as radio artists explore broadcast radio space through poetic resuscitations and playful celebrations/subversions of the complex relationship between senders and receivers in this hour of radio about radio as an art form. "The Radio Art Hour" features introductions from Philip Grant and Tom Roe, and from Wave Farm Radio Art Fellows Karen Werner, Andy Stuhl, Jess Speer, and Jos Alejandro Rivera. The Conet Project's recordings of numbers radio stations serve as interstitial sounds. Go to wavefarm.org for more information about "The Radio Art Hour" and Wave Farm's Radio Art Archive.
Wave Farm/WGXC 90.7-FM

Turn On The News - An Unwanted Man

7 hours 52 minutes ago
"Turn On The News" is the weekly newscast from the fictional Radio Network, with parody radio coverage of the radio and its headlines. Now with computerized news readers, and fewer meddling reporters, plus aggregated reporting, and automated music. Tune in "Turn On The News" each week for the latest news, radio art, and more from our robot reporters, making sure you hear both sides -- good and evil -- every time you "Turn On The News." It is often a mash-up of the week's news, and sometimes a radio news fantasy with song parodies and covers similar to "Dr. Demento" and comedy skits and more. The show airs at 3 p.m. Thursdays on WGXC, and also most weeks on WGRN, WRWK, KFUG, KACR, KRFP-LP, KMSW, and many other stations. Produced by Tom Roe at Wave Farm and WGXC. For more information go to: https://wavefarm.org/radio/wgxc/schedule/93bbe3
Wave Farm/WGXC 90.7-FM

Radio Curious - Peter C. Whybrow – "The Conflict Between Our Biological Heritage and the Speed of Our Lives"

8 hours 23 minutes ago
American Mania, When More is Not Enough Not so long ago before the common use of devices operated by electricity our lives were generally much more calm. And as humans we have a biological a heritage of being are curiosity driver, reward seeking and harm avoiding creatures. The conflict that has evolved between our biological heritage and the demand driven economy in the United States is the essence of a book entitled “American Mania, When More is Not Enough.” Dr. Peter C. Whybrow, author of “American Mania” is our guest on this edition of Radio Curious. He is a professor of psychiatry and bio-behavioral science, and director of the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California at Los Angeles. In this interview, recorded mid-February 2005, Dr. Whybrow discusses this conflict, and its consequences. Peter C. Whybrow recommends “In Praise of Slowness,” by Carl Honore. Originally Broadcast: February 12, 2005
Radio Curious - Barry Vogel

The Sonic Cafe - Sonic Cafe #332/Spy GUYZ: Smooth Criminals

8 hours 28 minutes ago
Sonic Café, with Smooth Criminal, that’s Michael Jackson from 1988 which gives us a great jumping off point as the Sonic Café once again slithers into the shady underworld of Spy Guyz, a place where it’s sometimes hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. I’m Scott Clark and this is episode 332, and ahh thanks for joining us. We’ve lined up a great mix of music from like the last 56 years or so. Listen for jazz from Terence Blanchard, The Strawbs, The John Barry Orchestra with the theme song from the James Bond classic, Dr. No, all that plus Phantogram, Depth Charge and many more. Then comedian Angelah Johnson stops by to tell us how much she loves Law & Order SVU, and how great a detective she would be on the show. All that plus clips from Get Smart, Marlon Brando, Vincent Price, well ahh, you get the idea. So join us now for another spine tingling episode of Spy Guyz. From 1988 this is Jon Anderson with The Friends of Mr. Cairo, and as always, we’re the Sonic Café.
Scott Clark

- Building Bridges: Mass Worker Led Protests In France Can They Bring Down Macron?

1 day 3 hours ago
Mass Worker Led Protests Expected In France Can They Bring Down Macron? Historic Protests in France: Where to for the French Working Class? Were joined by Elisa Moros, a teacher and member of the Sud Education affiliated with LUnion Syndicale Solidaires and the Nouveaux Parti Anticapitaliste to talk about the largest days of protest in decades, with unprecedented union support and student turnout the workers and youth of France are pushing unions to take up a militant strategy to defeat not only the latest pension reform pushed through by the Macron government but also Macron and his government

TUC Radio - Britain will send Depleted Uranium munitions to Ukraine

1 day 20 hours ago
Britain already has sent the first Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine and the Depleted Uranium munitions are designed to be fired from these tanks. This announcement came just two days after the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Iraq war, where DU ammunitions were used on a large scale. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has attacked the UK’s decision. Kate Hudson, its General Secretary, said: “CND has repeatedly called for the UK government to place an immediate moratorium on the use of Depleted Uranium…” DU munitions were used by the US and Britain in the Gulf war in 1991 and in Iraq in 2003. Their use has caused a sharp increase in the incidence rates of some cancers, such as breast cancer and lymphoma. Depleted Uranium also been implicated in a rise in birth defects in areas adjacent to the main battlefields. Other health problems associated with DU include kidney failure, nervous system disorders, lung disease and reproductive problems. Kate Hudson says that the DU pollution will be long-term for many generations to come. It can make agricultural land unsuitable for use. No treaty explicitly banning the use of DU is yet in force, but it is clear that its use runs counter to the basic rules and principles of international humanitarian law. In 2006, the European Parliament called for the introduction of a total ban, classifying the use of DU, along with white phosphorus, as inhumane. Since 2007, repeated UN general assembly resolutions have highlighted serious concerns over the use of DU weapons. However four states have consistently prevented the adoption of the resolutions. They are Britain, the US, France and Israel. The first Challenger 2 tanks have already arrived - and with them the fear that Depleted Uranium munitions may get fired soon. The concern is now that the Abrams tanks from the US also might have Depleted Uranium munitions on board.
Maria Gilardin

The Michael Slate Show - Bob Avakian, What a Real Revolution is, and the Need for a Poetic Spirit When Leading a Revolution; Putin, War Crimes, and American Hypocrisy; So-called “Wokeness” and the Damage Done

1 day 23 hours ago
Bob Avakian on what a revolution should be about and for. He speaks about the poetic spirit and why anyone leading a revolution needs to have such a poetic spirit. The indictment of Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the 20th anniversary of US war crimes in Iraq. Rafael Kadaris takes apart the howling hypocrisy of the United States. Sunsara Taylor on the damage done by so-called “wokeness” on the so-called Left – changing words instead of changing the world.
Michael Slate

This Week In Palestine - The role and responsibility of American Jews to confront the established Jewish organizations concerning the apartheid state of Israel and its military occupation of the Palestinian people

2 days ago
This week we critically examine the role and responsibility of American Jews to confront the established Jewish organizations, the Jewish Lobby, and local synagogues concerning the apartheid state of Israel and its military occupation of the Palestinian people. Our Congress and Government officials will not back away from the sickening support they give to Israel until enough of us challenge the chock hold that the Jewish establishment, like AIPAC, and other political pacs have on Congress because of the enormous amount of money they pay into the electoral process. To guide us through this conversation we hear from Dorothy Zellner, a civil rights movement icon, and Phil Weiss, co-founder of the news service Mondoweiss. They both grew in up in Jewish families, and have become leaders in the movement to confront the Jewish establishment and the Zionist movement concerning the occupation of Palestine and the continuing, illegal theft of Palestinian land.
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)

- Building Bridges: Women Fight for Bread & Roses Too

2 days 10 hours ago
Women Fight for Bread & Roses Too Prof. Lara Vapnek, author of Breadwinners: Working Women and Economic Independence, 1865-1920 and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Modern American Revolutionary, who specializes in the history of gender and labor in the US will talk about women as the breadwinners and who built unions, from fields to factories in the fight for gender equity; for bread and roses too!

Sips, Suds, & Smokes - Episode 509: The Boom-Boom Room

2 days 11 hours ago
SUDS Episode – For this episode, Good ol’ Gal Julieanna assigned each beer a random letter from A-I. Each Good ol’ Boy, starting with Kendall, picked a letter. Good ol’ Gal Julieanna poured that beer, and then we discussed and rated it. All of these beers are from Maryland. Dave had the ABC book at his side as a cheat sheet to navigate the conversation. Do you bring your own hot sauce to a cannibal meal?
One Tan Hand Productions
46 minutes 23 seconds ago
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