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This Way Out - Working While Queer (Part 1) & global LGBTQ news!

13 hours 56 minutes ago
Exploring the pitfalls of “Working While Queer” (Part 1 of 2); Malawi’s Constitutional Court upholds anti-queer sex laws, Dutch Supremes order marriage equality in Aruba and Curacao, Labour’s win is no bed of roses for U.K. queers, French voters reject a right-wing swing, a trans woman becomes Japan’s first to change legal gender without surgery, and a Missouri judge stops the state A.G. from prying into trans kids’ medical records. Those stories and more this week when you find “This Way Out”, the international LGBTQ radio magazine.
Lucia Chappelle

Global A Go-Go - July 14, 2024: The original sound of cumbia

20 hours 15 minutes ago
The South African a cappella singing of The Joy; what's new in reggae featuring Barrington Levy, Mighty Joshua, Undercover Cockney, Jahill, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra, Prince Fatty and the Hempolics; the music of Colombia's Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, who will be performing in Richmond this week; Qwanqwa is where Ethiopian tradition meets free jazz; the latest from Cote D'Ivoire's Dobet Gnahoré
Bill Lupoletti

Band of Traders Weekly Roundtables - Friends Don't Let Friends Fade Trends

22 hours 49 minutes ago
This week Fleri finally gets to share his experience at the World Series of Poker and some of the similarities he noticed between high-stakes poker and trading. They also talk about the importance of not fading trend days and protecting capital to ensure they are able to capitalize on the abundant opportunities these day’s present. Fleri and Baba Yaga discuss the importance of understanding the characteristics of trend days, emphasizing the need to be aware of the market context, such as no-tick ORs, multiple distributions, and the behavior of buyers and sellers. They also highlight the importance of discipline and knowing when to sit out if the conditions are not favorable. In the Good/Bad/Ugly, Fleri expresses frustration with the current market conditions and Kyle shares his positive experience with implementing a new piece to his morning routine before wrapping things up with a spicy Bold Pi-diction from a friendly chatbot!
2 Bulls in a China Shop

Indigenous in Music with Larry K - Indigenous in Music with Larry K - Def-i in our Spotlight Interview (Indigenous Hip Hop) Hr 1

1 day 1 hour ago
Encore: Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K, this week we welcome back from Albuquerque, New Mexico Mr Def-i. Hip-hop artist, producer and educator, he’s been staying busy, touring and promoting his album “Blue Hour.” Bringing us a nice smooth mix of Indigenous Hip Hop. Find out all about Def-i and what's new on his webpage at www.def-i.com Enjoy music from Def-i, Ariano, Litefoot, O Genius, Qacung, Blue Moon Marquee, Chantil Dukart, Janet Panic, Ryan LittleEagle, Hataalii, MC Slader, Blesinfinite, Night Shield, Ana Tijoux, Buggin Malone, Pretendians Band, Blue Mountain Tribe, 1915, Nadjiwan, Low Budget Rock Star, Redbone, Logan Staats, Sarazino, Lilliana Saumet, Marcelo D2, Leonard Sumner, Elastic Bond, Richie Ledreagle and much much more. Visit us on our home page to learn about us and our programs at www.indigenousinmusicandarts.org, check into our Two Buffalo Studios and our SAY Magazine Library to find out all about our Artists and Entrepreneurs.
Larry K

- The Appalachian Sunday Morning with Danny Hensley

1 day 17 hours ago
The Appalachian Sunday Morning is a two hour all Gospel Music Radio program with radio station & program host Danny Hensley. The program is recorded live each Sunday morning while being broadcast on 91.7 FM Community radio and streamed world wide on www.sbbradio.org and/or www.sbbradio.net On this episode we feature all new music in the first hour and follow up with a visit to yesterday in the second hour with tunes going back to 2014. This program is uploaded to SoundCloud, RSS.com, radio4all, Podbean and iTunes to mention a few.
Danny Hensley

Radio Ecoshock Show - 27 Ways Heat Can Kill You

1 day 19 hours ago
How your body breaks down in extreme heat. We start with paper Twenty-Seven Ways a Heat Wave Can Kill You: Deadly Heat in the Era of Climate Change. Medical terms explained. Short clips from Ecoshock interview with lead author Dr. Camilo Mora included. Australian heat and health expert Elizabeth Hanna makes it all clear (replay). Quick review of 15 lessons from the Russian heat wave of 2010 (55,000 killed, wheat exports annihilated, and more). A new compilation of heat survival know-how.
Alex Smith

Backbeat - Episode 196 July 14 2024 Vintage popular music they don't play on the radio

2 days 1 hour ago
Backbeat's got vintage music from 1928 to 2024, blues to country, jazz to pop, gospel to mambo featuring Amos Milburn, The Louvin Brothers, Howlin' Wolf, Big Fancy, Latin star Don Tosti (pictured) and many more. Another musical feast coming your way. Backbeat is also available in a 56-minute version with breaks. I am happy to provide custom station IDs, promos and liners. Email Lorne@Backbeatradio.com or visit www.backbeatradio.com for more information.
Lorne VanSinclair

State Of The City reports - New PM OKs Kiev Hitting Russia with UK missiles, Ministry of Defence put Starmer back in his box

3 days 16 hours ago
– Matt O’Branain from the Julian Assange campaign joins Tony and Martin. Matt, from NZ, had been campaigning to free Assange for many years and came to UK for this reason. – Matt recently met General Petraeus and asked him whether the incarceration of Julian Assange was good for America. – It was Matt’s idea in 2022 to have a human chain around Belmarsh high-security prison where Julian was being held but DEA and Stop The War SWP boss John Rees changed it – No comeback for trigger-happy Israeli killers. Plus 972 Magazine – IDF troops have no rules and can shoot as they please. False flag Buca massacre. ‘I’m bored, so I shoot’: – What really happened to free Julian Assange after Australian MPs came to Washington and the UK court hearings? – Assange plea came after warning that U.S. would lose extradition fight – WIKILEAK ENDS THE IRAQ OCCUPATION 1: WikiLeaks website publishes classified military documents from Iraq By CNN Wire Staff October 25, 2010 – WIKILEAK ENDS THE IRAQ OCCUPATION 2 ­ Fri October 21, 2011 President Obama announced that virtually all U.S. troops will come home from Iraq by the end of the year – Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital hit in Kiev, Ukraine – false flag? Other false flags involving NATO. Kremlin says Ukrainian fire hit Kyiv children’s hospital – Russia denied on Tuesday that it had attacked a Kyiv children’s hospital and said Ukrainian anti-missile fire was to blame for Monday’s strike. – Press infiltrated by secret services. TikTok good for getting information out. Need internet free from censorship with control over privacy. – Presstitutes Embedded in the Pay of the CIA: A Confession from the Profession (2019) by Dr. Udo Ulfkotte (Author), John-Paul Leonard 18 months on the bestseller list – Diamonds in the Cesspool – ways to get best out of internet. Armies of trolls – Brigade 77 and Unit 8200. Russia 1/2 million casualties in Ukraine war? – Inside the British Army’s secret information warfare machine They are soldiers, but the 77th Brigade edit videos, record podcasts and write viral posts. – Battleground drones – AI swarm drones. ‘Where’s Daddy?’ drone attacks by IDF in Gaza. – Use of AI in multiple surveillance – war position. Israel’s ‘Where’s Daddy?’ AI system helps target suspected Hamas militants when they’re at home with their families, – Turnkey Tyranny: Surveillance and the Terror State Connecting Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA surveillance with inequality, climate change and the “war on terror,” – Artist Trevor Paglen argues that future administrations will respond to environmental and economic crises with the authoritarian tools of a rising “Terror State.” – War on Gaza: Death toll from Israeli assault could exceed 186,000, Lancet warns Letter published by experts in the medical journal estimated some 10k people could still be buried – Declassified – US flights to Israel from Cyprus airbase – UK planes with weapons for Israelis – Revealed: America’s secret special forces flights to Israel from UK base on Cyprus – Crispin Blunt saying UK could be committing war crimes by supporting Israel Crispin Blunt released under investigation Reigate MP Crispin Blunt has been released – Declassified – Israel money to Labour Kier Starmer track record. Apparatchiks of Political Parties have destroyed political morals Israel lobby funded half of Keir Starmer’s cabinet – 11 donors boosted Labour Party – Express. Rachel Reeves and private equity story. PR system in NZ. FPTP voting system. Bodies in bags on Clifton Bridge. – Keir Starmer’s Labour Party boosted by £19.5m from just 11 donors – this is who they are We have taken a look at the 11 donors who have boosted the Labour Party. – New Bristol MP Carla Denyer if private water companies get their way, your bill could be rising by a whopping 44% – all while they’re still paying their shareholders dividends. – Together Declaration – Milliband to ban combustion cars quicker. Are diesel cars more polluting than petrol? – The Conversation. Tesla losing value as electric cars have problems Fact Check: are diesel cars really more polluting than petrol cars? – Overall CO2 emissions of a diesel car tend to be lower. In use, on average, this equates to around 200g CO2/km for petrol and 120g CO2/km for diesel. – Britain’s New PM Mistakenly OKs Kiev Hitting Russia with UK Missiles, Ministry of Defence put Starmer back in his box – UK missiles to Ukraine – Telegraph. Dual state – security state has a veto. What’s in Covid vaccines?. Covid leaked from Wuhan lab. – Sergei Lavrov says what he thinks of Starmer winning election. UK hasn’t allowed Ukraine to use Storm Shadow missiles inside Russia, – New Security Minister Dan Jarvis – WW3 coming? Russian nuclear missiles.UK has to be ‘incredibly careful’ to avoid direct Russian retaliation – Sir Keir Starmer – Moscow expecting EU/US to ESCALATE Ukraine war with Russia. Alistair Crooke, former MI6, on Judge Neopolitano show – Russian’s cross after Sevastopol beach attack. – Kremlin responds to Biden’s latest Putin insult – The US president didn’t just make endless gaffes, Joe Biden also called the Russian leader a “murderous madman” – Courageous pliticalcandidate Jose Vega shouting – warmongering US must stop before WW3. Pro-war, anti-China politician Matt Pottinger on stage at the Asia Society – RFK junior – Independent of the broken two party system It’s “We The People” Not “We The Corporations” Learn how Kennedy will end corporate capture. – Ikbail Mohammed, pro Palestinian, wins Dewsbury and Batley. Newly elected MP speaks at pro-Palestine protest following UK election. – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling https://politicsthisweek.wordpress.com/2024/07/11/not-the-bcfm-politics-show-presented-by-tony-gosling-198/
Bristol Broadband Co-operative

The Thunderbolt - TBR 240712 - Universal Basics*

3 days 22 hours ago
This week’s archive show starts off with a message from those two beloved All-American cultural icons — and yes — I can only be talking about Britney Spears and Timothy Leary! Then we get lost in time as Big Brother seems to be arriving several decades late. Next, we describe the “Martha Mitchell Effect” (which is not as crazy as it sounds). After that we contemplate the nature of whatever it is that is ‘trickling down’ upon us from the 0.1% — and for the feature piece this week we describe the many benefits that would accrue from implementing a concept known as the “Universal Basic Income” [UBI]. That’s not as crazy as it sounds either. Very important information disguised as bad jokes set to crazy music. Only in The Thunderbolt!
Dancing Angel Media
14 minutes 46 seconds ago
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