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State Of The City reports - WWIII NATO Secret Government Bilderberg 2024 winkled out 30 May in Madrid

1 week ago
– Joe Banks, freelance journalist, joins Tony and Martin. Green Party gets in to power in Bristol. How will it be different post Mayor? – UK’s next Prime Minister Kier Starmer on the small boat crossings and what Labour will do. Starmer will not set small boats target – Ribs, from Bristol Transformed, on their Marxist beliefs, and their event happening next weekend. bristoltransformed.co.uk – WWIII NATO Secret Government Bilderberg 2024 winkled out 30 May in Madrid – Fraught with technical problems David Cameron tried to give his first major foreign policy speech for six months since he returned to the Cabinet – David Cameron speech at the National Cyber Security Centre – technical problems! The UK must have the “courage to act,” – ‘Press releases, tweets, statements and emails… lies, blame & potshots… – Please can the politicians at City Hall talk to each other and get back to us when they have actually decided how the city is going to be run, then we’ll report on it, please and thank you.’ – Problems with Greens and Labour sharing power on Bristol Council. What a Green-led Bristol City Council will look like – The used electric car timebomb – EVs could become impossible to sell on because battery guarantees won’t last – find out if you are affected – Who is “behind Labour”? PART 1 – Agents of Influence: Novara Media? Our honest opinion is that the CIA is behind the Labour left – – AstraZeneca Covid vaccine victims hail withdrawal of jab globally, saying ‘no one else will suffer now’ – as lawyers warn Brits harmed by rare side effect linked to 81 deaths – Links now proven between ITV and the Covid jab rollout firms utterly betraying viewers and showing adverts for the ‘poison death jab’, – BBC Celebration for Ascension Day and 100 years of Christian broadcasting The first church service broadcast on the BBC was held at St Martin-in-the-Fields in 1924, – Disclosure by Nya Tider: Time and place for Bilderberg 2024. Bilderberg 2024 Madrid, 30May-02Jun Eurostars Suites Mirasierra, Alfredo Marqueríe, 43, Madrid , 28034, Spain. As the first magazine in the world, – Nya Tider discloses where and when 2024 year’s Bilderberg meeting will take place. Nya Tider has been in contact with the Swedish government office – Jonathan Cook, author and former Guardian journalist, speech at Anti Genocide in Gaza march in Bristol. www.jonathan-cook.net Biden’s war on Gaza is now a war on truth and the right to protest. – Israeli dissident Ronnie Barkan, from Palestine Action, on his opinions on Israel as a Jew, and what Netanyahu’s plans are. – Ronnie’s YouTube Channel – Ronnie’s Twitter account – UN-VOTING at the #IsraeliElections – where 56% of the population under the Israeli #apartheid regime have no suffrage – Alex Krainer, author, on Covid shots changing people’s DNA, the West militarising against Russia. Putin’s speech. Andre Culamsky, BBC , on Putin. West blaming Russia for what it does itself. – Alex Krainer Trend Compass Substack and X @nakedhedgie. Serbia – Chinese investment. Decoding the Russia vs. the West relationship, – Dr. David Hughes, author and lecturer, on technocracy, and government control systems. Humans Refuse to Herd/Kill The Masses, So The Elite Are Using AI Bots To Enslave Us: Dr David Hughes – David Hughes was one of the few academics who questioned the mainstream narrative following the attacks that triggered the War on Terror. – Dr Robert Malone on 5th Generation Warfare. PsyWars: Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty – Molding, controlling, and capturing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are the objectives. – Wikispooks – Bilderberg and Covid. COVID-19/Perpetrators/Bilderberg This page highlights the involvement of over 150 Bilderbergers in the COVID-19 event. – Elizabeth Nickson, author and journalist, on human sacrifice by native Americans which ended when Christians arrived. – The nicest person in my world asked me recently if a coven could use our ravine to celebrate Beltane. No, I exclaimed, absolutely not! And was surprised by my vehemence. – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling https://politicsthisweek.wordpress.com/2024/05/09/not-the-bcfm-politics-show-presented-by-tony-gosling-189/ https://www.bilderberg.org/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=42
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The Repository - The Repository_148

1 week ago
The Repository is an oubliette of musique concrete, nocturnal emanations and audio oddities. An hour of strange music, spoken word musical mash ups of questionable taste. All material is royalty-free, public domain or Creative Commons. This show makes perfect late-night fare. Please let us know if you are broadcasting this show. Our host, Jack Bailey will give your radio station a shout out! Email us at kzzh@accesshumboldt.net.
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Radio Curious - Ira Flatow— "Science Changes"

1 week 1 day ago
The chance to interview another interviewer is an opportunity I like to take. A chance came on September 4, 2007, when I was able to visit with Ira Flatow, the host of “Science Friday,” a part of Talk of the Nation, on NPR. We talked about some ideas and concepts he raises in his new book, “Present at the Future: From Evolution to Nanotechnology, Candid and Controversial Conversations on Science and Nature.” I think that after thirty-five years as a science journalist, Ira Flatow has seen enough to know unexpected changes are in order. He refers to that at the close of the introduction to his book and writes, “After watching science do its thing for a while, you realize knowledge is really a moving target. What we know today will probably be wrong tomorrow. And science is that tool for discovery. When science tells us something, chances are that it will tell us something different a few years from now.” And that’s where Ira Flatow and I began our conversation, which was originally broadcast September 5, 2007. His website is www.iraflatow.com and the book he recommends is “The World Without Us,” by Alan Weisman.
Radio Curious - Barry Vogel

Class War Battlefield Podcast - Episode (2024.0A.00) The Myth has Come Crashing Down, Democracy; (2024.0A.01) NOTE All Protests Intimidate; (2024.0A.02) How the 60s Protests were Legally Abolished

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Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2024.0A.00. The Myth has Come Crashing Down, No This isn't a Democracy #Policing #Democracy #MilitaryState (COMPLETE) With Clips from Owen Jones, Democracy Now!, Guardian News, Young Turks, The Bitchuation Room, FRANCE 24 English, TRT World, Waketheherd Youtube Channel Feels like the late 60s or early 70s again, college campuses are enflamed. I want to begin across the pond (I know, what a cliché), with Rishi Sunak, and his early comments decrying the Pro-Palestinian Anti-War protests; or at least that was my intent. The comments were the catalyst for the episode’s recording but (and for longtime listeners this will be no surprise) upon hitting “record” more than just my original thoughts flowed forth from my lips. Almost lost to the modern listener, his words were telling and also a bit chilling. He instructed U.K’s Bobby-men to not only control the protests but they should police the protests. What does that mean exactly? It means we don’t live in a democracy, we live in a Republicanist system. Sure, grappling with that idea is daunting but I have great news for you, previous generations have not only grappled with the idea but they’ve struggled with society and the institutions relying on your passivity, to ensure Republicanist constructs were held in check and when possible, deflated so Democracic concepts could be planted in their place. Please understand, dear reader, I do not revel in delight every time I remind you of this fact; I sometimes find myself shirking back in repulsion because I want to believe I am wrong in my assessment, but what we see now on the college campuses, mixed with what the U.K’s Prime Minister said to his Bobby’s reveals something undeniably affirming to this assertion, we don’t live in a Democracy, we live in a Republic. This is partially the theme within this episode. Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2024.0A.01. One Politicians Protest is Another Politicians Uncivil Act or Exercise of Democracic Right or Something Worse, Civil Unrest, NOTE All Protests Intimidate With Clips from Zeteo Youtube Channel, The American Story – U.S History Documentaries, The Rational National, Gregorjia, PBS NewsHour, Secular Talk, Democracy Now!, The Majority Report, Roland Martin Unfiltered, PBS NewsHour All Protests Intimidate! No, not cause violent destruction to human life – remember one of the rallying calls during the George Floyd Marches , “Human Life is Worth more than Property”; again, not cause violent destruction to human life, but confront power wielders, power centers and institutions of power. In confronting them, sometimes things are broken, when things are broken tempers can flair amongst those being protested against. This flaring anger can lead to a much more bitter confrontation between those who oppose the mass slaughter of Gaza (or example) and those who are fore the mass slaughter of Gaza; when this happens, intimidation can be implied by the presence of those who began the protest, though the implication would be wrong. When things aren’t broken though, intimidation can be inferred due to the Hierarchical nature of our society; this hierarchical nature has written within its codes the abuse of people according to their position to another, so long as the position held is greater than the one held by the person being abused. There is so much more to this episode then these sentences but they are the most important aspect from this episode. Like a brief discussion on how the media would prefer protesters to be from any other location on the planet than the U.S so they could simply explain away the protests as unpatriotic and subversive and what is really intimidating about these protests, that they will continue onward into the near future with no abatement, not just to protest what is happening to Gaza, but to counter or advocate for, a number of different issues most people care about. Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2024.0A.02. Calling these College Campus Protests Anti-Semitic is Unjustifiable, Also, How the 60s Protests were Legally Abolished With Clips from Dialogue Works Youtube Channel, Activist News Network, Valentine Roland Youtube Channel, TheEvanswashere Youtube Channel, Horses Youtube Channel, The Majority Report, Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences, ThamesTv, PeriscopeFilm, Al Jazeera English, Amanpour and Company In 2011 I produced an episode, now lost, on how the Baby Boomer generation in collaboration with the Silent Generation, created the legal infrastructure to prevent the same mass protests witnessed in the 60s and 70s from happening again. I expand on this topic significantly at the start of this episode, speaking on the various “gateways” created to funnel burgeoning movements into, before they could pick up public steam. This is a segment which should be listened to closely as the ideas have been developed more thoroughly as I’ve become more familiar with what movements are and why they occur. Interestingly, during the late 90s and early 2000’s conservative media was obsessed with promoting the idea that college campuses, much like the 1960s and 1970s, were hotbeds for radicalism and liberalism (please NOTE, liberalism is not radical in anyway, it is very elitist and philosophically driven for their protections and propagation). After September 11th, this assertion made a little more sense as many universities were centers of debate over how the Bush Administration handled the hunt for those who carried out the attacks but most of the discussions were civil and non-confrontational. Next is a discussion about incrementalism, honestly this was never supposed to be in the episode, nor was my other little comment; why does incrementalism exist and why will it be gotten rid of? Incrementalism, conservative incrementalism, has led to what we are seeing now on these campuses. It is at this point that I discuss anti-Semitism and how I see it. Why I look at it as a statement of Hate that means something very specific, as well as how Dr. King helped me have a more thorough look at the Anti-Semitic concept. To Donate to CWB – (CashApp – $CWBPodcast) (Paypal – CWBPodcast); Give as little as $5 a month to help me continue to produce these regularly! Music Used in the opening, Curtis Mayfield’s Think, Brandy’s The Definition and Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues or Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me at vphiamer.adis.ogaarwa@outlook.com
Mahoka Mwako Asili Temple

worldbeatcanada radio - World Beat Canada Radio May 11 2024

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The world gifts us her best spins this week! You gotta love an album that starts with a flourish and ends with a bang. We debut the closer from Bab L'Bluz' new release. Mexican-Canadian Boogat shares a Brazilian twist in a collab with Diogo Ramos from the new Del Horizonte. Cuckoo is the latest release from Toronto's Sl​avic/​Balkan/Klezmer/party Punks, Lemon Bucket Orkestra, and skate punk turned twang guitarist, Tommy Gerrero takes us Through The Mosaic. It's a lot to love from World Beat Canada Radio!
Cal Koat

Global Research News Hour - Revealing the Myths and Realities of Israel-Palestine Struggles, and of October 7.

1 week 1 day ago
This week, on the Global Research News Hour, with NAKBA day coming in less than a week, we return to Gaza at a time when they are experiencing what some people call a second NAKBA, and look at the cost so far from the ongoing carnage by Israel of the Palestinians on the strip. In our first half hour, we speak with Louay Alghoul, A Winnipegger with ancestry and many relatives living in Gaza about the impact of the Israel-Gaza war on his loved ones, the current genocidal rage as NAKBA 2.0 and the roots of the conflict in indigeneity. Then in our second half hour, we are joined by British journalist and film maker Richard Sanders about his recent film, October 7, exposing the truth and lies about the  Operation Al-Aqsa Flood which tragically altered the region.

outFarpress presents - The Shortwave Report 05/10/24

1 week 1 day ago
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Japan, Galloway, Cuba, and France 24. 
Dan Roberts

- Building Bridges: Starbuck Workers Union Victories were Boosted by their Joining Palestinian Protest Movement

1 week 1 day ago
Three years of rank-and-file Starbucks worker organizing has produced a historic union breakthrough: a commitment by the implacably anti-union company to bargain a national contract for 10,000 workers and negotiate a process for additional workers to organize. Remarkably, though, this victory came about in part because of a serendipitous boost from the Palestine justice movement. Its proof of the power"and indeed, necessity"of international working-class solidarity in taking on todays leading fights against the giants of capitalism. So, were shuffling off to Buffalo to speak with Arjae Red, a member of the Starbucks Workers United and organizer for Workers World Party who I first met on a picket line chanting no justice, no coffee during Starbucks workers ongoing fight against union busting and who set off a wildfire of unionization sweeping the American labor market " to find out how it all happened

Class War Battlefield Podcast - Episode 2024.AR.00. (Article Reaction) The World Must Calculate the Real Gaza Death Toll

1 week 2 days ago
Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2024.AR.00. (Article Reaction) The World Must Calculate the Real Gaza Death Toll With Clips from Owen Jones, Democracy Now!, Guardian News, Young Turks, The Bitchuation Room, FRANCE 24 English, TRT World, Waketheherd Youtube Channel I recorded this special Article Reaction about a month after I was stricken with COVID. At the time nearly 30,000 Gazans had been murdered in this illegal assault on the civilian population of Palestine; we had not yet crossed the six month mark at the time. Now, as we near the seventh month mark since the beginning of this assault, with the “official” death toll barely touching 40,000 and the supposed estimates only adding another 10 to 20,000 to that total; the stark truth hidden in the rubble needs to now be confronted, especially with a possible slaughter occurring in Rafah looming overhead. What must be confronted in the probable death toll; in this Op-ed by renowned Consumer Rights advocate Ralph Nader, a speculative figure is presented which leaves me breathless (honestly, wait to hear me try to read through this article). We could be looking at a death toll reaching far into the 100,000s, reports Mr. Nader who has some pretty interesting data to back up his assertion. I still remember feeling sick as I read through this Article, my breath constantly catching within my throat with every word I read. I hope you see the value in this episode and use its content to inform those you care about, as to why this needs to stop NOW. To Donate to CWB – (CashApp – $CWBPodcast) (Paypal – CWBPodcast); Give as little as $5 a month to help me continue to produce these regularly! Music Used in the opening, Curtis Mayfield’s Think, Brandy’s The Definition and Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues or Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me at vphiamer.adis.ogaarwa@outlook.com
Mahoka Mwako Asili Temple

Taylor Report - U of T encampment is part of a worldwide Student resistance to Gaza genocide.

1 week 2 days ago
Gaza is under bombardment by Israel; hospitals and universities have been destroyed, and more than 35,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed. U of T students, along with their peers worldwide, are occupying campuses and demanding an end to all cooperation with the Israeli war machine, demanding the U of T divest from Israeli companies and end partnerships with Israeli universities. To follow and support the brave and able students who are taking a stand against genocide in Gaza, follow Erin: @erinmackey
Unusual Sources

The Michael Slate Show - From NYC to UCLA Students Fight Genocide in Gaza & Against Vicious Repression

1 week 3 days ago
Sunsara Taylor on attacks on anti-genocide protests and the 1300 arrests of students in past weeks. Next, Why is the U.S. violently repressing pro-Palestinian students on college campuses across the U.S.?, an excerpt from @BobAvakianOfficial. Also from Bob Avakian, why it is right to want revolutionary state power, and what this state power is good for, from the Bob Avakian Interviews. Finally, a special alert: Stop the execution of the artist Toomaj Salehi by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Michael Slate
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