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The Thunderbolt - TBR 240329 - Greatest Strikes

2 weeks 1 day ago
This week I am replaying the very first Thunderbolt to ever air on KAOS, 89.3 FM, broadcasting from the Evergreen State College at 1,100 watts! (The Thunderbolt had never before been broadcast at over 30 watts.) In honor of this momentous event in my non-illustrious, un-noted, and unpaid career, I compiled a collection of the very best of the very best of everything I’ve ever produced over the entire eleven years that I’ve been producing this crazy stuff. It is suggested that you listen to the Thunderbolt with headphones at high volume. I also suggest you find something to hold onto before listening…
Dancing Angel Media

Radio Curious - Hanna Rosin — "God’s Harvard"

2 weeks 2 days ago
Since 2000, ambitious young evangelicals have made their way to Patrick Henry College, a small Christian school near Washington, D.C. Most of them are home schoolers whose idealism and discipline put the average American teenager to shame. At “God’s Harvard” they are groomed to become tomorrow’s elite, dispatched to the front lines of politics, entertainment and science to “take back a godless nation.” Hanna Rosin, author of “God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America,” visits the nerve center of the evangelical movement and describes who they are, their background, goals and desires. The book Hanna Rosin recommends is “The Golden Compass,” by Philip Pullman.
Radio Curious - Barry Vogel

outFarpress presents - The Shortwave Report 03/29/24

2 weeks 2 days ago
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, France 24, and NHK Japan.
Dan Roberts

Celt In A Twist Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour - Celt In A Twist March 31 2024

2 weeks 2 days ago
We've hidden a few tasty eggs in this week's program. Spirit Of The West drummer turned author, Vince Ditrich joins Patricia for chat about the latest adventures of Tony Vicar. Altan debut Donegal their latest release with an old favorite. The Barley and The Rye. Speaking of barley, Barleyjuice cover The Clash with their rendition of London Calling! Happy Easter from Celt In A Twist.
Cal Koat

worldbeatcanada radio - World Beat Canada Radio March 30 2024

2 weeks 2 days ago
Once again, it's an embarrassment of brand new spins that keeps World Beat Canada well beyond the rest. This week a trio born in Moscow combine traditional folklore and electronic savvy as the Nickadimus Experience. ZA! and Perrate introduce us to experimental flamenco Dadaism on Joili Fanto, Kiran Ahluwalia serves up her entire menu for Comfort Food and we have the captivating closer PLUS we can finally shine the Light on Crystal Fighters new album. A feast for your ears each week!
Cal Koat

Global Research News Hour - REPEAT - Stephen Lendman - A Tribute to the "Most Prolific Journalist in Independent Media"

2 weeks 3 days ago
REPEAT BROADCAST - On the show this week, we will be spending the next hour investigating the late journalistic career of an accomplished journalistic figure: Stephen Lendman. HE passed away in May of 2023, however with his views so well pronounced in numerous press articles on his blog and in the many radio shows that he produced, it is almost difficult not to imagine what he would be saying at the present time in the face of the latest manouevre to deny trump a presidential candidacy, the attempts to disguise Ukraine’s continuing losses in the war with Russia, or the efforts to wage a full genocide against Gaza. The show will feature past audio of his radio show, as well as features with him on other people’s programs. And we talk to several individuals who can speak to their own experiences of knowing him.

Half-Cocked Tales - You've been blinking wrong your entire life

2 weeks 4 days ago
This week in the Lounge, Dan is joined by Ron and Jaimelyn as they discuss the March 1933 founding of the Civil Conservation Corps, a new scientific paper establishing a physical link between prehistoric Easter Island and South America, and a more efficient seawater to hydrogen generator. In the snake oil segment they present a form of political snake oil involving the Chemtrails conspiracy theory. After some a rousing game “Fact Checkin’ Time”, the episode concludes with a feel good story about a new poll showing Americans of all political stripes are more alike then they are different.

The Michael Slate Show - Haiti... Gaza... A World In Urgent Need For Revolution! Bob Avakian Breaks Down How It Can Be Done

2 weeks 4 days ago
Bob Avakian, Wars of Empire, Armies of Occupation & Crimes Against Humanity. Rafael Kadaris, crisis in Haiti and the REAL way forward. Gaza: Sunsara Taylor on the intensifying starvation of the Palestinian people. Annie Day, Why "Reject AIPAC" Is A Disastrous Dead-End. REAL REVOLUTION IN THIS TIME #11: The 2024 elections, a deepening crisis, the possibility for revolution (from @BobAvakianOfficial) Sunsara Taylor on the "far right," another civil war in the U.S. & the possibility for revolution
Michael Slate

TUC Radio - Michael Parenti: Capitalism’s Apocalypse - ARCHIVE

2 weeks 4 days ago
2024 Tribute – Updated Archive: Parenti predicted the financial crisis and said that giant corporate capitalism – by it’s very nature – is an apocalyptic system. When unregulated the built in elements of ever increased growth may well bring the whole system down. And he described the growing national debt not as a tragic mistake but as a means to shift ever more money from the tax payers to the financial institutions in the form of interest payments. This speech is an analysis of the many structural flaws of a capitalist system that puts it on a permanent collision course with democracy. Recorded on August 23, 2008 at the closing reception for Maria Gilardin’s art show. This rebroadcast, made in March 2024, is eerily contemporary and lends a historic perspective to current events. Date: 2008/08/23
Maria Gilardin

Sea Change Radio - The Myth of Meritocracy Revisited: John Brittain on Legacy Preference (2017)

2 weeks 4 days ago
The official subject matter of Sea Change Radio is environmental sustainability. This week, however, we are deviating from that to talk about a topic that we believe is inextricably linked to sustainability: stratification in education. We are talking with law professor, civil rights advocate, and educational diversity expert, Prof. John C. Brittain, about educational practices that perpetuate social, racial, and socioeconomic exclusiveness. Elite private schools were once restricted to wealthy white young men. Since the 1960s we have seen some progress at these schools – they all admit women, most have scholarship programs to make room for the non-wealthy, and they generally boast of need-blind admissions practices. But there is one hidden practice, often overlooked, which runs counter to all of that progress: the practice of legacy admissions. That is, giving preference to applicants who have a family connection to the school. The majority of elite educational institutions in this country do this. For example, in 2017, a full 41% of Harvard’s incoming freshman were legacies. Logic tells us that generation after generation, this sort of admission preference can’t be doing much for these schools’ demographic diversity. Professor Brittain and host Alex Wise discuss how legacy admission practices serve as affirmative action for the privileged, the irony that the practice thrives in the United States which holds itself up as a model meritocracy and how schools’ justifications for the ongoing use of legacy preferences don’t hold up to a reasoned analysis.
Sea Change Radio

Punk Playground - Punk Playground - 03/10/2024 - 2 hr Punk Rock Radio Show

2 weeks 5 days ago
The Punk Playground brings you 2 hours of PUNK ROCK! This episode includes Adicts, TSOL, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Kill Your Idols, Free Beer plus tons of punk rock! This show is archived at Radio4All and is done for informational educational reasons. Some content may be explicit. Parental guidance advised. Long live punk, politics, fun, freedom, and social change for the better!

This Way Out - Fulfilling Methodist Prophecy & Rosie for Equality & global LGBTQ news!

2 weeks 5 days ago
A Methodist prophet foretells coming inclusion; when San Francisco weddings were coming up “Rosie”; Ireland’s gay P.M. Leo Varadkar calls it quits; Israeli co-moms win birth certificate recognition, Russia charges queer club workers with “extremism”, Alabama excludes inclusion and trans toilet rights, New South Wales bans conversion therapy, and Aussie Senator Wong weds while footballer Cavallo proposes. Those stories and more this week when you discover “This Way Out”, the world’s audio oasis for LGBTQ+ news and culture.
Lucia Chappelle
4 minutes 36 seconds ago
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