Riseup Radio: #3 The April Show

By Anonymous (not verified), 17 April, 2008
Riseup! Radio Crew, Nottingham, UK


Welcome to another superduper action packed edition of your Riseup Radio chock full of local news, tunes & interviews from Nottingham, UK.

This month we've got info about the upcoming week of action for autonomous spaces and what might be going off in Nottingham; we'll be talking to Dan who's just returned from the Antartic on a whale saving mission and and we've been talking to someone from Nottingham's Defy ID group on whats happening locally on resisting the government's proposed ID card system. Also an interview about legal advice for activists, a promotion about a recently setup cooperative dealing with activist equipment and a report from those who joined the blockade at Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Establishment near Reading from Nottingham and Leicester.

Oh, and a whole load of cracking good home grown music including Idiot Joy, 3am Association and Muteqx.