Riseup! Radio #4 The May Show

By Anonymous (not verified), 15 May, 2008
Riseup Radio Crew


Ahoy there Landlubbers! Are you ready to tune in to another baddy chasing, wind generating, solar cooking edition of your Riseup! Radio? This month we’re up to no good at the offices of power company E-On, we learn more about the current situation in Zimbabwe and talk to Aran about how we are going to prepare ourselves for when the oil runs out. We also have live music by Joss and some fine poems from our DIY poets.

We talk to Tom from NSPM about the recent Civil Liberties Conference and find out more about the Mule, a free newspaper which is to hit Nottingham’s streets later this month. Oh, and not forgetting some crackin’ tunes by Trickster, Wholesome Fish, PopX and Martin the Livewire.

Tune in for more!

For formats/ stream/ in-bowser player: http://riseupradio.wordpress.com/2008/04/29/4-the-may-show/