A Critical Ear 2008-08-28

By Anonymous (not verified), 29 August, 2008
Andrew Ó Baoill


This week the focus of our show was the DNC, with Bob reporting live from Denver. However, we managed to fit in reports from Gaza and a world news bulletin, before connecting up with Bob.

With Bob, we started by talking about how the DNC compared to other protest events, then talked about Kucinich's speech and the importance of international law. I mentioned a new Pew survey (showing that people feel they know more about Obama's personal story than his policies) as a segue into a discussion of where Obama stands on foreign policy. We then discussed the IVAW rally at the DNC, and closed our DNC focus by talking about a rumoured raid on Indymedia space in Denver. To finish, I asked Bob about significant events in the world this week, and he gave some context on the Gaza convoy, pointed to the continued discussions on a 'Status of Forces' agreement (SOFA) in Iraq, as well as to new signs that the Afghan government is interested in having a SOFA to govern US forces in Afghanistan.

Extra detail available at our site: http://acriticalear.info/blog/2008/08/29/live-from-the-dnc/