WSQT(DC Pirate) Broadcast for Nov 24

By Anonymous (not verified), 25 November, 2009
WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM in DC

Here is the playlist from our November 24 broadcast

Pirate Radio song
Station ID
Palestine Today for Nov_23_w_Fri_Protest_Report.mp3
War Update for Nov24:5 US soldiers killed Sunday
Desertion Song Clip
Surveillance State imported From Wars (BTL)
Station ID
School of the Americas protest
Honduras update-Zelaya calls election boycott(BTL)
DC protest against the coup "election" in Honduras Nov 23
Catholic Bishops hold DC poor hostage against gay marriage(R)
DC bill to restrict public property sales to developers GUTTED
Station ID
Song:"Christmas Greed" set to carol of the bells
Fur protest at Dior gets more police harassment
Sea Shepherds to sail Dec 7
MTR mine gets lockdown, PEPCO customers get wind power rates for MTR electricity