Urban War in Copenhagen?

By Anonymous (not verified), 12 December, 2009
climate caravan radio

Yesterday saw the first day of action against the false solutions being proposed by COP15, including the capitalist model. Thousands took to the streets of Copenhagen in Denmark under the chants, banners and action of "Our Climate, Not Your Business". As expected when thousands of angry youths mostly dressed in black take to the streets in an unauthorized demonstration the police prepare with their usual tools; Big cops, Riot cops, vans, dogs... But people were not expecting was to see big men in army fatigues wandering around the streets too. Normally when we see this happening we are in a state of war, are we here now in Copenhagen?

Police action during the day included pulling people, with force, within their line so that they were trapped inside. When people requested dialogue with the police, there was no response. Is this what the new law entitles Danish authorities to do under the prevention of "terrrorism?", if so it is a scary step. The further ensnaring of the worlds people as the world they are struggling to protect gets further eaten up.

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3 radio files:

1 - Urban War in Copenhagen?
A young danish teenager, spoke with the climate caravan radio team about the feeling in Copenhagen about the rise of police and military in the streets of what was once a peaceful model city where people had faith in humanity.

2 - Ahimsa
Suria from Andra Pradesh in India explains to people in Copenhagen a little about Gandhis non violent direct action word...

"There is no other god than truth, and the only means of realizing that is through the act of AHIMSA"*
* = Ahimsa is a many thousand year old word from the Jain people in India which means non violence. Mohandas K Gandhi, the Mahatma (great soul) or Gandiji, as he was more fondly referred to by his fellow people, used this word for civil disobediance and non cooperation with unjust sysems which continue opression.

3 - Surias struggle

Why a woman from India has traveled to the WTO in Geneva and COP15 in Copenhagen. To struggle for a better world and to tell the world the plight of her people, the farmers of Southern Indian, many of which are committing suicide as they have their livelihood and culture destroyed by free trade, while also feeling the effects of climate chaos.