Clean Air Texas Coalition Press Conference on making EPA smog regulations stronger [raw audio]

By Anonymous (not verified), 2 February, 2010
HIMC Street Team

Sierra Club, American Lung Association, Environment Texas, Mothers for Clean Air and other health and environmental groups in the Clean Air Texas coalition rallied their members and allies to attend the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's hearing at the Houston Hobby Hilton on Tuesday, February 2nd. The Clean Air Texas coalition held a press conference in support of clean air, healthy Texans, and a vital new air quality standard limiting ozone pollution to 60 parts per billion.

The Coal, Oil, Gas, and Chemical industries were also their, trying to fight any regulation that would impact their filthy bottom line.

Texas existing 17 coal plants emit almost 35% of the industrial nitrogen oxides that form ozone. Texas has far more proposed coal fired power plants than any other state in the country -- 12 and we have the most carbon dioxide and mercury from existing coal plants -- 17, than any other state in the nation.

Speakers included members of the Sierra Club, American Lung Association, Health Professionals for Clean Air, Youth impacted by asthma, and community activists fighting new coal plants in Texas.

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