MAY DAY SPECIAL: No One Is Illegal & OCAP focus on Immigrant Rights

By Anonymous (not verified), 4 May, 2010
Friday Word-Of-Mouth


FRIDAY WORD-Of-MOUTH MAY DAY SPECIAL: No One Is Illegal & the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty focus on Immigrant Rights the night before the annual May Day march

'On May Day We March for Justice'- Susy Alvarez interviews a number of participants in last years annual No One Is Illegal May Day march for Immigrant Rights & Status For All

Sarah Vance from OCAP interviews Jaggi Singh about the police shooting case of Fredy Villanueva, and more recently that of his brother Dany who now faces a doubly-punishing deportation to a country he hasn't lived in since he was 12 years old, over a decade ago.

Then Sarah interviews Fariah from No One Is Illegal, Toronto who speaks about Canada's Immigration Policy