Tariq Ali on Middle East revolutions

By Anonymous (not verified), 25 March, 2011
Tariq Ali


Excellent speech on the current events in the Middle East, with historical background,
held in Auckland, New Zealand 17 March 2011

Original lecture title: Islam and its discontents (Sir Douglas Robb Lectures)

"As US-backed dictators crumble and fall in the Middle East, heralding a new Arab reawakening, what is the likely impact of all this on the region and elsewhere? And how will these changes affect the jihadi groups that have been active in the region? The Saudi Kingdom is the refuge not just for retired dictators but is also the area that has provided al-Qaeda with most of its early recruits. Arab democracy will become effective only if it deals with the economic problems that confront most of its citizens. Political solutions are no longer enough."

Tariq Ali born 21 October 1943, is a British Pakistani military historian, intellectual, novelist, filmmaker, political campaigner, and commentator.

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