WSQT (DC Pirate) Broadcast for June 24

By Anonymous (not verified), 25 June, 2011
WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM in DC

Here is the playlist from our June 24 broadcast. We are still testing antennas, this playlist is an updated version of the June 22 playlist.

Pirate Radio Song
Station ID
This Week in Palestine for June 24
Between the Lines: Jewish participants on US boat to Gaza speak out
War Update: USAID official killed in Iraq
Station ID
Witness Against Torture disrupts Congress demanding Gitmo closure
Greek austerity and riot update
Belo Monte (Brazil) dam protest in DC
NAHT Marches on Bank of America to demand they pay taxes to stop HUD cuts
New Hope:Protest works, plans to close homeless shelters scrapped after homelesss swarm City Hall
Between the Lines:Supreme Court rules for Wal-Mart in sex discrimination case (boo!)
Song: Keep DC Wal-Mart free