By Anonymous (not verified), 5 October, 2011
Michael Slate


"The Truth About the Origins of Israel, the Palestinian Nation, the Prisoner Hunger Strike in California Prisons and the Deputy Gangs Running LA County Prisons"

Alan Goodman, Revolution newspaper, tells the solid truth about the origins of Israel and the history of the Palestinian nation as the basis for understanding the imperialist maneuvering around Palestine's application to the UN.

Clyde Young, revolutionary communist and former prisoner, gives an update on the resumption of the hunger strike in California State Prisons against the inhumane torture in the SHU isolation cells.

Peter Eliasberg, Legal Director of the ACLU of Southern California, talks about the ACLU's new report on LA County Jails - "Cruel and Usual Punishment: How a Savage Gang of Deputies Controls LA County Jails."