WSQT (DC Pirate) Broadcast for November 30

By Anonymous (not verified), 30 November, 2011
WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM in DC

Here is the playlist from our November 30 broadcast:

Pirate Radio Song
Station ID
Palestine Today for November 30
War Update: US attacks kill more Afghan civilians
Between the Lines short:US soldier orderd to chaplain for saying he did not belive in God
Between the Lines: Egypt's protest movement and the "elections"
Station ID
Brutal police raids on Occupy Philly, Occupy LA
Between the Lines: FBI,mayors, Homeland Security behind Occupy raids
Carol of Christmas Greed dedicated to US Conference of Mayors and Homeland Security
Reportback from Fur Free Friday in DC
Occupy Bozeman hits Wal-Mart for Black Friday
Keep DC Wal-Mart free song
Between the Lines short: protest at Chicago banker's convention demands banks be taxed