By Anonymous (not verified), 16 May, 2012
Michael Slate


"A World to Change: Bringing Revolution to the Deep South, the
Oppression of Black People and a Musical Score for a Different

Diego Masimo, activist, talks about his experience as a volunteer on
the 1st leg of the BAsics Bus Tour and what is planned for the Second Leg
taking the Tour through Deep South with a message that the world doesn't
have to be the horror it is today but it will take revolution to
fundamentally change things. Masimo digs into the importance of taking the
work and vision of Avakian, especially his new synthesis of communism, out
to millions who have never had the chance to hear about or engage with it.

In an excerpt from the Question and Answer Session following a
series of talks, Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary
Communist Party, reveals how the special oppression of Black people is
both the backbone of capitalism-imperialism in the US and its
achilles heal.

Lili Haydn, violinist, composer, arranger and actor, talks about her
work, how it smashes borders in music and life and the inspiration behind
it all.