CKUT radio: Perspectives on Quebec student uprising

By Anonymous (not verified), 23 June, 2012
Stefan Christoff

Listen to an in studio discussion on CKUT Radio's Red Square Report on the student struggle in Quebec against government moves to hike university tuition fees $1,778 over seven years, a 82 per cent increase per student, within the broader context of a neo-liberal attack on public institutions in Quebec.

Voices on this panel will highlight the incredible network of grassroots initiatives across Quebec created to support the student strike, focusing on Artistes contre la hausse, a network of Montreal artists supporting the strike and Profs contre la hausse, a network of teachers actively involved in the strike movement.

This panel features the voices of Julie-Andrée Rostan & Simon Lanctôt (Profs contre la hausse), Sophie Le-Phat Ho (Artistes contre la hausse) Magdalena Olszanowski (open wi).

Profs contre la hausse

Artistes contre la hausse

Wi : Journal of Mobile Media

For general information on the Quebec student strike visit :

This panel was hosted by CKUT Radio's Stefan Christoff who is at