WSQT broadcast for September 5 w/more DNC protest coverage

By Anonymous (not verified), 5 September, 2012
WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM in DC


Pirate Radio Song
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Palestine Today for September 5
War Update:Another "green-on-blue" attack
Song clip: Ralph McTell: "Pick up a gun" counter-recruiting song
Between the Lines Short:Wikileaks data dump reverbrates in Latin America
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DNC Interview 9-03: Anarchists and Occupiers cut into pro-Obama DNC parade, debate war and Gitmo
DNC Interview 9-04: Police block Occupy/Anarchist march from joining Veterans march for Bradley Manning, traffic and delegate busses blocked as a result
DNC 9-04 extra: More sound from 9-04 protests, and Black Block marches at night
DNC Interview 9-05: Obama to take nomination at Bank of America
Stadium, and night march planned for 7:30PM 9-05(recorded prior to speech being moved)
DNC UPDATE: BofA acceptance speech MOVED, supposedly for threat of rain
DNC protests: Immigrants stage civil disobediance, 10 arrestes 9-04
Between the Lines Short: Gas fracking vs coal vs renewable enerby
The Fracking Song
Between the Lines: MTR coal mining and health