More Insider attacks in Afghanistan, more Embassy/film protests worldwide

By Anonymous (not verified), 17 September, 2012
WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM in DC


Afghanistan, Saturday: An Afghan soldier shot and killed two British soldiers.

Afghanistan,Sunday: An Afghan police officer shot and killed four NATO soldiers of unreported nationality.

Afghanistan, Sunday: Local authorities reported that 8 civilians were killed,and 5 injured in a NATO airstrike in Laghman province. AFP reports that all of the vicims were women, and that 8 were injured along with the 8 dead. The women were said to be gathering firewood.

Egypt, Friday: Stones were thrown near the US Embassy in another day of protests

Sudan, last Friday: Three people were killed after protesters tried to scale the walls of the US Embassy in another film protest. This after protests involving about 5,000 people were broken up by police firing tear gas near the British and German Embassies.

Tunisia, last Friday. Two people, one of them a protester, were killed in US Embassy protests over that insulting, hate-filled anti-Islamic film.

Tunisia and Sudan, Saturday: The US has ordered embassy staff to evacuate all non-essential personel.

Paris, Saturday: Between 200 and 250 protesters showed up outside the US Embassy to protest the anti-Islamic film.

Afghanistan, today: Protesters against the anti-Islamic film burned tires, burned cars, and threw stones along a road leading east out of Kabul, passing near a major US base but doing no damage to it. Police were shooting into the air to contain the protesters.

Pakistan, today: Film protesters burned a press club and a government building.

Indonesia, today: Rock-throwing film protesters duked it out with the cops outside the US Embassy

Beirut, today: The US Embassy is reported to be destroying classified documents in case they are overrun.

The film that sparked all the protests portrays Islam's Prophet Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer and a child molester. It should be compared to someone from, say, the KKK making similar claims about Gay and Lesbian people in a low budget film. The reaction would be quite intense, to say the least.

Still, there HAS to be more to all this than an insulting hate movie. How about over a million dead in ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan?