Occupy DC shuts 11 Bof A branches, storms K st, blockades IMF bookstore

By Anonymous (not verified), 4 October, 2012
WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM


The week of September 29-Oct 6 is the first anniversary of the founding of Occupy DC, so Occupy DC has been hammering home a week of actions against the 1 percent.

Action began with 11 branches of Bank of America being simultaniously shut down on Saturday morning (Sep 29). For Oct first, Occupy DC warned they would "storm K street" and at about 8AM they did exactly that, storming into the lobbies of Cargill and JBG. During a visit to Monsanto it came out that Monsanto refuses to serve their own GMO crops in their own cafeteria! A few hours later, Occupy DC went out again, visiting the US Chamber of Commerce, Bloomfield Properties (evictors of Occupy Wall Street) and PEPCO, DC's notorious electrical utility.

Two days later, another march stormed a Verizon Wireless store, and branches of both Wells Fargo(private prisons) and PNC(montaintop removal coal mining). The march culminated in a 1/2 hour blockade of the IMF and WOrld Bank's bookstore, along with a call for a national/global mobilization to shut down the April 19-21 Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank.