Taylor Report: The House of Saud is Shaking, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
Zafar Bangash details the Saudi in-house struggle for power. As King Bin-Salman appears to suffer from dementia, his son Mohammed Bin-Salman is running affairs through his office. Comfortable arrangements and the appearance of Saudi unity are giving way to Prince Bin-Salman's shake-up. He has attacked officials for 'treasonous' suggestions of reconciliation with Iran. Zafar reveals that Iranian Gen. Soleimani was on his way to discuss de-escalation with the Saudis, when he was assassinated by the Americans. In the wake of devastating blows from the Yemeni resistance, the Saudis may have desired to quiet down their Iranian front. The Americans appear to have taken advantage of the drawing-out of Soleimani. Their murder of the General may have also been a message to the Saudis, not to ease tensions with Iran. There is also a lot of discontent inside the kingdom with the brash young Prince. His policies on Iraq, Yemen, and Syria are collapsing, as is the price of oil. Amidst all this, the insecure Bin-Salman has struck against other senior Saudi royalty. Once the king is dead, these other princes will be able to speak out more forcefully against him. Zafar also discusses the cruel Saudi carceral system.

RURAL WAR ROOM RADIO: Japanese Tour SXSW 2020 Show Pt 1, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
The opening hour of Rural War Room's four-hour weekly radio broadcast 10pm-2am central time from KABF 88.3 FM Little Rock, Arkansas. Also on KAOS Radio Austin, Texas; KTHS Radio Hot Springs, Ar; KBOG Radio Bandon, Oregon; KOCF Radio, Vernan, Oregon; and others. Details on the international works of Rural War Room - Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Google+, Tumblr, ReverbNation, SongKick. Buy albums by the Rural War Room cyberband + other acts on the RWR Label on AppleMusic & Amazon. @ruralwarroom - Click Series for full archive.
Rural War Room

Building Bridges: Disarming Military Spending; And, The Weinstein Sentencing – A Huge Win for #MeToo, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
Global Days of Action, Arming Ourselves to Disarm Military Spending with Lindsay Koshgarian, Program Director of the National Priorities Project, at the Institute for Policy Studies, where she works on analysis of the federal budget process and politics, military spending, and specifically how federal budget choices for different spending priorities and taxation interact. Lindsey Koshgarian discusses how a decades-long policy of outsized military budgets has eroded investment in human potential through greater support of education, health care, infrastructure and more. Koshgarian talks about how to repurpose the military budget to fund human needs and still keep our citizenry safe. ************** How the Weinstein Verdict and Sentencing is a Huge Win for #MeToo. with Allegra Fishel, founder and Executive Director of the Gender Equality Law Center Sexual predator Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to serve twenty-three years in prison and Allegra Fishel answers the question as to whether the verdict should bring a sigh of relief and is a victory for survivors of sexual violence everywhere.
Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg