Indigenous in Music with Larry K: Mike Bern in our Spotlight Interview (Rock) Hour 1, Segment 1

3 months 1 week ago
Encore! Welcome to indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes back Tobique First Nations, finest rock musician Mr. Mike Bern. He has been enjoying the success with the release of his current singles, and now brings us the total package titled “Waponahkew." Mike is featured in the current issue of the SAY Magazine, visit us on our homepage at Indigenous in and find our all about Mike new album. Music from Mike Bern, Leela Gilday, Bang Data, Mike Paul, Eagle & Hawk, The Jerry Cans, The Spiritual Warriors, nehiyawak, Eivizzards, Gareth, The Johnnys, Victor Manuelle, Luciano Supervielle, Allen French, Carsen Gray, Cangrejita, Ozomatli, Jonaz, Sober Junkie, Boogey the Beat, Supaman, Esther Pennell, Eivizzards, Darren Geffre, John McLeod, Santana, MIS, Nadjiwan and much much more. If you love our show, you can make a donation now, show your support for US and our Musicians....Visit us on our music page at We are a non-profit, section 501(c)(3).

Chilled Hip Hop Soul & Lo-Fi Beats: The Chill Study Vol. 5 (Chill Beats), Segment 1

3 months 1 week ago
(1.) idk, lofi vibes - WLLFLXX (2.) Nyquil - Les Lockheart (3.) GrEy FeElInG - I_Will Tunes (4.) Dada (Sátyr Remix) - Web Web, Sátyr (5.) Vinho Verde - Clap Cotton (6.) Midnight Blue - fushou. x B0nds (7.) This Summer - Kiezin (8.) Space Cakes - blnkspc (9.) Close Encounter - jarjarjr (10.) b without u - LAiMBOi (11.) fivefour (w/ daniel dessoy) - Master Soul Boy (12.) Dream About You - Remi Oz & twenty weeks (13.) REM - Yung Akó (14.) Still Foggy - Kiezin (15.) back-pack - park hills (16.) SaintJaZz - CrazyJaZz (Didi Fou) (17.) Maroon - Jackdotwav (18.) u n i t y - b0nds (19.) 4 Ur Mind - MAXONE (20.) Summertime Vibes - Reese Tanaka (21.) sepia september - cay caleb (22.) Awaits the moment - CrazyJaZz (Didi Fou) (23.) carefree - JuSoul (24.) Due Time (ft. Jonny Tobin) - Mecca:83 (25.) beat up (ft. igory) - yeyts (26.) soul diggin' pt.2 - Bugseed
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