Global Research News Hour: Month of Fury: Latin America Rises up Against Neoliberalism, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
From the uprisings in Ecuador to the demonstrations in Chile to the elections in Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay, tis week's show probes the popular actions against austerity, privatization and other neoliberal policies across South America. Professor Michel Chossudovsky provides a historical context to last month's eruptions, including a recounting of his own recollections from having lived through the 70s era coups in Chile and Argentina. Next up, Pepe Escobar shares his understanding of the geopolitical dimensions of the current uprisings, and why he sees the recent Argentine election in particular as a political game changer. Finally, John Ahniwanika Schertow of Intercontinental Cry examines the role of Indigenous peoples and Indigenous struggle in the modern resistance against the neoliberal project.
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Taylor Report: Free Julian Assange, the Journalist Who Exposed the Empire's Crimes, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,' or so it goes. But the rulers of the UK and USA would rather you not know the truth and not be free, so they have grabbed Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, from the Ecuadorean embassy, in London. They have begun a kangaroo court extradition process to deliver him permanently into a US prison, if not kill him. Meanwhile, paid phonies in the Western media are waxing on about heroic "whistleblowers," mostly cops of one kind or another who provide gossip for insider Washington. Free the real journalist, Julian Assange.

Donald Drumpf Theatre: Donald Drumpf Theatre Vol. 146 Abuse of Power, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
An original radio theatre show each week, with most sounds culled from the previous week, about a fictional, theatrical presidency. Contradictions tell the story, with songs, skits, and clips from political news shows and late-night comedy routines. The definition of "radio theatre" is stretched here, with an updated Dickie Goodman and/or Richard Foreman-meets-mashup style sometimes, and a more straightforward take other weeks. Currently airing on 30 or 40 stations around the world, the network has ordered another 15 episodes, but there are threats of cancellation. Anyone who would like to work on a production, or have their work air in this timeslot, should contact
Wave Farm/WGXC 90.7-FM